Friday, February 20, 2009

when life gives you lemons ... say fuck the lemons and just bail

For some reason i'm really digging the chorus

This song defines how my days are.

and the other day i was actually going through a random cd collection thats been collecting dust. I came by one of my parents old Digable Planet Cd ( i really don't know why they have it) which was called Reachin ( A new Refutation of time and space) which released sept 27th of 93.... i was only 3 years old. dang haha but i took a listen and i was immediately intrigued ... I think most of you came across this song sometime in your lifetime.... Where i'm from- Digable planets


ps: Jeffs Release party was dope... we'll keep you informed ASAP

Earl the Pearl is Stressed out


Jolin said...

dude what the, you didn't know who was digable planets, but your parents did? man your parents are way cooler than you brah. you should def check out rebirth of slick (cool like dat)... one of their illest tracks.. in my opinion, plus in one of lines you may have heard it from an e-40 track .. lets see if you figure it out. get back to me on that one. glad you found that CD, you been missin out.

lou said...

when life gives you lemons you paint that shit gold