Friday, February 13, 2009

too good to pass up.

i have to start out saying angelo you suck at darts kid. . . work on that.
a lot going down today. a bunch of couples making last minute reservations and ordering flowers. . sigh.
but yo! any justice fans in the house?!!! then check THIS out!
spotted here your boys justice pretending to be real dj's with the rca cord not even plugged in... and i think he put it best when he said

"Hope I didn’t shatter some hipsters illusion that these guys were ill DJs or something"

hahahahahaha suckas.

this is whats on repeat in my mind

but hey the show must go on! tomorrow is a big day for us! so stay tunned for that post.

ryewun (thanks maria) peace'n it


vuudoo said...


either way they're musical geniuses.

re-definedope said...

i never said their music was wack i said THEY are wack for doing that