Friday, February 6, 2009

gettin payed.

YUSSS friday! means. PAYCHECK!!! sorry i just had to get that outta the way.

i don't know if anyone else is into bikes as much as me and for that matter spends as much time at the champ. but for people with no life like me... check it out tyler got that display case done!  pretty epic. (this is the worst post ever. hahahaha getting excited over built-in fixtures.)
makes it look pretty ritzy if you ask me..they're gonna have to wipe a buncha grubby hand prints off that case all day but i'm sure they thought about that.

but NO this post is not about completed storage cases! hah had you fooled!

superchampion got a new shipment of their sag bags many of you little hype kids are going "sag? sag? s-a-g? wtf?"
well my little nike dunk american apparel hoodie friends sag is a tokyo based bag maker. their stuff is bomb proof like literally sag is my guilty bag pleasure. look for yourself saglife
sag is hella hype unintentionally i think but hype just the same. if you were to buy one of these bags you'd be one of very exclusive few.
i have this and there is in fact only 23 in all of north america. these days when i'm short on cash i wonder why i spent so much on a bag... the reason it looks like there is glossy vinyl pocket on the side is because there IS a glossy vinyl pocket on the side. for you to put whatever you want inside pictures stickers what have you at this point you're tapping on your head saying "oh you clever japanese people" yes..

but don't be fooled this is no ordinary "hype" sag messenger bags and all other sag products are hand made by highly skilled and masochistic japanese men. their blood is likely to be woven into the fabric.

and for those that are looking forward to valentines day i have a great video for you. by bobby hundreds. an epic love story for you sappy folk.

friday post number one
by your friendly neighborhood rye1111!!!!11!!!one.


Skitch Clothing said...

AWESOME!!! very nice bag dude. Do you know if Tyler has any of the SAG Air Force 1 rolltops in stock. I could be talked into buying one of those. Oh and how much did you pay for that beautiful piece of luggage?

Don't worry if there was a bike shop even half as good at Super Champion or Mighty Riders I'd be hanging out there just as much as you. Unfortunately I live in the bicycle shop wasteland known as Toronto where they all suck.

Jolin said...

nice pick up man. That display case looks soo much better.