Tuesday, February 10, 2009

R.I.P j dilla

it's always sad to think of j dilla passing. so young and full of potential. and just like my homeboy brian said it's sad that producing wasn't really as big as it is these days. that man never got the full respect he deserved. it would have been his 35th birthday on the 7th and today it's been 3 years since he left us.

Dilla a.k.a Jay Dee - My Tribute 2009 from Andy Brown on Vimeo.

to say j dilla changed perceptions through music is an understatement ...

i'll be straight up this is how i found out about j dilla. i didn't even know who he was until he died and trixie posted his picture up on xanga and said r.i.p j dilla so i googled that ish. and i was like "YOOO!! you made my favorite music.. NOO! you're too young!!"

listen to him spin whats pretty much a standard of today

r.i.p Jay Dee
James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

wanna vibe out to some of these chill as f**k beats then here you go. now go tell a friend about our blog! go run now !
thats it for me today .. i don't need to post anything else this speaks for itself.

rye0ne love and respect

ps. bob k is trading sneakers for house plants! the mans off his rocker! jk jk but he is trading brand new sneakers you might wanna check it? this is how i got my freaking futton!!


vuudoo said...

this man definitely left his mark on the world.

Anonymous said...

when i truly knew who j dilla really was.
it was reading about/listening to common's be album back in 05....and some dude in a random forum saying "1 track made by dilla > anything kanye has put out"
searched him up almost amazed on how much i knew his music than the man behind it..
i remember when he passed and i was reading up on a blog about his final days.....maaan it was crazy it brought a tear to my eye actually
respect to this maan right here
listenin to all his works this weeks

Jolin said...

good post man. Yea i was reading in an interview about J dilla, they said he was always basing life around music. One time he was in the back of a cab and he had a raisin box, and he was saying " look you can make a beat with this ". Always thinking, living, making music till he was gone. When he was in the hospital he had all his production equipment in his room, and was still making music. Def a legend, and a big inspiration too keep going, and do what you love.

lou said...

another solid post ry1, j.dilla is my hero :(