Saturday, February 21, 2009


I know Most of the fixie riders in Vancouver/burnaby/ Surrey know about this and i know i'm late! and no i'm not posting this because its hella hype! but i'm posting this because... i love the colorway ... the Gold and Black colorway joint its like Shaq and Kobe at the allstar game... but some of you might be wondering why i'm posting about a fixie ... and i don't even ride one?, isn't RYEONE suppose to be doing this type of post? guess what .. i've been dodging traffic the last few days with the bike that is soon be officially mine! thanks to the VuuDoo, yes you heard it... Earl The Pearl is a fixie bike owner! . Teal Miele frame with a white deep v in the back and drop bars in the front and a pussy front brake because i can't ride that great yet. haha

Thanks to ryeone and dalezees for the inspiration and Vuudoo for the bike!

PICS UP SOON! ( seriously i'm not going to procrastinate)


vuudoo said...

obey huh. i think i saw one on the bay.

ah the miele... good times on that thing. too bad it fit me like that tiny clown bike from when homer went to clown school.

Jolin said...

your in deep sleep mode here man. haha

lou said...