Friday, June 26, 2009

looks like i'm being a lazy butt head too..

well i've been meaning to post for a while i just always have to run out the door.
this is no quality post mind you but lets see if you know this one.

download it here


Sunday, June 21, 2009

is it delicious in here or is it just me?

i've heard repeatedly these are people's favorite posts. but i am still unclear as to wether people just like to be teased by what i make or if they actually want the recipes. in any case i can tell you this.. being vegetarian has never been so easy.

fried tofu with a miso rice wine drizzle and ginger.

don't forget the green onions !

finished product. careful you're drool is out. . .
yumm... i think it would also go good with a little celantro. maybe next time

aside from making that today after church i hung out with my buddy kenny and we ended up here some how..
i'm sure a few of you already know about this spot. but i think it's really cool! we sort of ended up just sitting there and spacing out at the beauty of it all.

pretty chill day no complaints other then earl is being a lazy butt head!!!!!
oh well you can come here and read what i put up. hahaha

these days this seems to be an un escapable tune. i recently listened to a pretty good cover of this while celebrating my bro jojo's birthday

peaz peeps
ryeone in a million

Saturday, June 20, 2009

60 seconds with rye111

i'm feelin prrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeetty lazy today so i think i'll just share some of my materialistic retardation with you.

the Vans CA 46 & SK8-HI theres also a ca 46 pack. hopefully we get these at livestock. and i stress the word hopefully cause i have no idea. click the picture to see the hypebeast article

nike air footscapes. for a long ass time only available in japan. i wasn't stoked on grey but the purple really pops to me

five pannel caps, s'about time..

i know it's pretty stupid i basically copy and pasted this list of things that i like. hahaha oh well. live with it!

let me know if you're starting to miss the hiphop


Friday, June 19, 2009


I was recently on the Vancouver Film School Blog lately and a dude named Ben Stern who was apart of the Digital Character Animation program made this fun video, Enjoy

Earl the Pearl

Thursday, June 18, 2009

wild west

this is a beautiful photo essay by Todd Heisler

it really connects with my theory of why cycling is so fun, well maybe not too much but the pictures portray it.
i always compare being a cyclist in the city to being in the wild west. you're an outlaw you live by your own rules, you feel alive the closer you are to death. when you go fast nothing can stop you.

definitely check out the actual photo essay though it's great click here

but hey watch our homie yong(guy in the red) get robbed at some stupid battle

to me it just goes to show the credibility of judges when they pull crap like that. no respect, no respect from me at all.
i warned people it would be like stupid ass pinetree battle but no one listened.

i'm giving this one the definite OH GEE status..
not even gonna lie i'm gonne bite that steez hahahaha.

since this is going a long the lines of a photo post.. i forgot i took some pretty nice pictures with this thing

k ttyl i gotta go eat breakfast

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

60 seconds with ryeone

well this isn't really gonna be 60 seconds but this is a new segment i like to call "60 seconds with ryeone" where i show you some current events, crazy crap, stupid crap, and stuff i like..

saw this on that pharrell guy's blog

a real gundam
hahaha it's not real as in working but it is real as in it's 59 feet tall and in tokyo

speaking of pharrell look at this stupid watch he made... doesn't he know there are people starving in the world..?

i'll tell you why it's bad that the lakers won

thats all for now i'm about to pass out upside down on my bead with a laptop to catch my drool

Monday, June 15, 2009


Sorry folks, I haven't been updating whatsoever, its alright you guys got ryeone to entertain your reading pleasures haha. I'm just here to feed off of his fame...kidding i'm totally kidding. I've just been up to the whole bboy lifestyle as you can see by past posts that I was actually in marysville for Marysville 360. Here i am back on the blog run.

As you can see ryeone's been hype on the jazz thing. I've been completely into the whole funk/soul joint this past month heres a little something by the staple singers- Let's do it again

Earl the pearl

lazy mondaze

currently just laying here in my underpants spinnin the jazz.

i have a few things for you to vibe with
i know ice tea is pretty self explanatory. it's just ice and tea right? NO!
i've worked it out to an art form heres my recipe for good ole fashioned iced T

first off you need to boil the water. BUT! not just any water i'm sure a lot of people stupidly make this mistake. to make the perfect cup of tea you need to start with cold water. cold water is fresher then hot water, hot water comes from your boiler and has a generally less clean taste. so i run the tap cold for a few seconds then boil

once the water is boiled i add the amount of sugar i want to the pitcher. the amount of sugar you add is totally up to you keep in mind lemons and tea are quite bitter so you wanna balance that out but not over power the flavor. but anyway yea i like to make sugar water first .

once the sugar is disintegrated into the water i add the tea bags. i let it steep for about 5 to 7 minutes this is also to preference.
i slice a couple thin lemon slices and add them to the mix. at this point the tea is still hot, i remove the tea bags. you may wonder why the pitcher is only one third full thats because i add the remainder in ice.


once thats done i like to leave it in my fridge to set up. i usually make it in the morning so i can come home to a nice tall glass in the evening while i listen to this classy ish.

more later


Sunday, June 14, 2009

wow that picture of ice tea is really big...

the line up at 9 am
then the line up grew like a mofo
they had that blood thirsty look in their eyes
then a ton of kids bum rushed the store bought all the good stuff and the temperature raised by about 10 degrees..
anyone who came after 2 was stupid because you basically stood in line for 20 to 30 minutes to the realization that maybe 3 hours earlier smart kids bum rushed the store and bought all the stuff you would have liked.

it's like i tell my home-b jojo, kids are stupid these days..

the rest of the day i just cooled out from a long days work. road my bike visited the birthday dude. and chilled with jolin.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm off to a marysville bboy battle, I hope livesale goes well with everyone.. Anyone willing to cop a shirt for Earl!?

Earl the Pearl

and then once upon a time it was the livesale

live sale is today. i wonder how early you kids got up to go get your hype on? "don't sleep"
well i have to work today so i was up at 6. my early morning remedy, ice tea.
i hate the taste of regular coffee and i don't like drinking a hot beverage in the the morning especially not in the summertime.

nothing beats a cool glass of ice tea.
live healthy live happy people

it's summer home-bees! girls are killin it with the short shorts and dresses keep ya cool don't get the love tko

saw k-os the other day. made me wanna ask him do you remember not having a beard?

anyways i gotta peace it to work lemme know if you want the mp3s to those.

holla atch ' ya boy
and have a ryeonederful day

Friday, June 12, 2009


a few funny things i just wanted to share.

this guy cracks me up

then this happened

a shout out to our home-b dale, who's birthday was yesterday.
don't ask me why they did that i just took the picture thats all.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

secrets out..

we're lazy.. so whats new hahaha

just incase you didn't know

i'll see you there bright and early. don't forget it's at west 4th only don't be lining up at gastown.


Monday, June 1, 2009