Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Food?, Wanna know some reviews on some dope places in Vancouver or a few places in the states to Eat out possibly with your date? Friends? Alone? Take a look, absorb the variety!.

i hate how this site makes me feel so hungry.

Reminding you whats good
Earl the Pearl


Jolin said...

good site, just for the big spenders on food tho.

lou said...

find something for us surrey kids on the cheap earl

Anonymous said...

Take a look at vancouverslop again. There are a lot of posts in the 8 dollars and under group.

Some serious cheap eats are listed, including Save On Meats.

mr chicity said...

hey who is anonymous?

anyways, for good eats on the cheap, hit up robson and dyke. they have a mean chicken and waffles