Thursday, April 30, 2009

too good not to repost!!!!

just watch and listen

from may

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

life on the rye

old addictions

meet new addictions
koala drink is probably the worst/best thing that has ever happened to me. i wouldn't be surprised if i drink more then a a gallon of this stuff a week. my recycling bin is literally jam packed full of these empty bottles..
"seasoned broad bean" is a bit of a odd thing to eat at first. mostly because they look like fried beetles and the crunch and texture also lends credence to that theory. i can tell you this though, once you've had your first you can't stop eating the damned things.

anyways my life is probably boring you so here are some videos .
i'm sure a bunch of people have seen these but watch them anyways! every time i watch them i'm just more and more impressed

if you watch any of these watch THIS ONE

you know what it is about these people and why they're dope? because they're hungry for it. their talent isn't because their friends do it so they do it too.. it isn't to be cool.. it's out of necessity and hunger. watching stuff like this just inspires my drive.  i don't bboy cause my friends do it, i don't bboy cause it's cool, i bboy because it's my love my art my food. thats right my food! when i get hungry i eat it!!


re-defeet dope

this is a new segment i'd like to call re-defeet dope it's pretty self explanatory just stay tuned..
and yea those are my feet.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some more cooking with ryan

you know what else is nice on a sunny afternoon like today?
a little spinach pizza.

i haven't gotten many comments on this stuff so i don't actually post the recipes if you want the recipe you're gonna have to do a little more then just creep the blog and leave. comments people comments. i can see how many people visit a day ...

so if you wanna see more of this

then i wanna see more comments.

btw i had a bit of spinach left so i went ahead and made some spinach gomae
the recipe for spinach gomae is so ridiculously simple and delicious you'd be stupid not to try it.
peanut butter, soy sauce, a bit of sugar, mirin, and a drop of sesame oil

ps. skitchblog did a bikecheck on my baby  check it out 


sad song on a sunny day

sometimes i like to just stay home and listen to my records. this tends to worry brian especially when he calls my house and he hears al green in the back ground and he knows it's one of "those days" hahaha. truth is if you don't spin'em what are they worth?
it may be one of those days but this is some damn good music.

i just thought i should let you know you're mad sleepin on this song by stevie wonder... just let it run

i know because only one person downloaded it..
summer soft

ryeone chillin in the sun

Monday, April 27, 2009

life on the rye..

people keep asking me how i don't eat meat.. "ryan how do you do it!?!"
honestly it's not that hard. i don't miss meat at all. stuff like this make it easy for me


nothing like a fresh salad on a summer day. pecans, cranberries, avocado, cucumber, spinach, salad mix, cheddar cheese
and this stuff.


i know you wanna be vegetarian too.. join the good guys


Sunday, April 26, 2009

summer breeze makes me feel fine.

i know we've been mad slackin on this.. but you know what?! you've been mad slackin on your end too readers! seriously if you want our gems you have to pay a bit on your end to. i don't think it's much to ask for a comment here and there . and if you want consistency than it's only fare to ask for consistency in return..

well anyways with all this beautiful weather all you can really do is thank God and and throw on those summer jams nawm'sayn?

download it here --> summer breeze- isley brothers

you want this song? i don't know if you deserve it..

okay fine summer soft
i know it gets better trust me.
my favorite man of motown al green

don't forget this one! i've been searching everywhere for this... i hope you appreciate this.
throw your hands up - lv feat treach

is that enough summer jam for ya?

ryeone chilla then the manilla thrilla

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Graff at its finest

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

I actually found this on and what can i say this is by far the most creative videos i've seen by far. If you have the time which i know you do.. peep it!. From what The laf posted the video was made from hundreds of still shots and crazy hours spent on the walls. Enjoy Creativity at its finest

Earl the Pearl

Friday, April 24, 2009


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

don't sleep on this video..

people have probably skimmed through hypebeast and this went under their radar of dopeness. don't be fooled henry chalfant was one of the first guys to start appreciating street arts and basically cradled baby hiphop in his hands. he was photographing graf in it's glory days do not miss this interview

Sunday Sessions
brought to you by the folks at Re-define dope and

1. Ryan throwing down!!
2. Jolin just educating my brother on the ones and twos
3. Jolin, Aj and I chillin
4.Jolin throwing down!
5. Ryan, Aj and I just goofing around
6. Me rockin to that old man funk!
7. Ryeone and Aj , creating
8. Angelo , Aj and I just messin!
9. Ryeonederful doing his thing!
10. Louis Luzuka with the lotus invert!

Wanna session? .. Just feel free to msg me on a sunny day and we'll throw down in the sun!
Food and Drinks provided!

Earl the Pearl
Providing you with whats DOPE

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"chilla then the manilla thrilla!!"

some craziness is about to go down at the mendez residence

this video sums it up pretty nicely

i'll have a bunch of pictures and stories for the my next post party post. for now just listen to that gem^
ryeone havin fun designated sober guy

Friday, April 17, 2009

in honor of the youth of tomorrow

just cause i'm so stoked on seeing young aj blowin it up in that trailer i decided to put up this to show love young talent.

this video is care of may

wanna download that ish?

keep doin what ya doin kid

kuya ryeone

Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you didn't know who he is, hes one of the dopest and youngest bboys in his generation coming up in the vancity/surrey scene!, Give it up for my brother! ... Keep a look out son!

Earl the Pearl

the revival

FINALLY!!! i can post this.. i've been waiting so long

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

btw thug life

keep it simple for now
ryeone straight thuggin

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

f*ck the POH LEECE

this to me is wack as a young male growing up in vancouver i have to be straight up and say i don't trust the police. and if you don't trust the police who the hell can you trust... i know i'm not alone here. this is a big reason why i don't use public transit so much

so what if he smells of marijuana i've heard of dudes with entire garbage bags full of marijuana on the skytrain where were you goofs then? the vindication behind his anger is that even if he did smell "like drugs" why is he automatically carrying enough weed to be arrested. the only possible reason is they think he's some sort of marijuana fiend or a drug dealer now THAT is pretty offensive no matter what angle you take. 
transit police are the worst of the worst. that lazy government needs to get off it's ass and do something and train these people properly.

police + ryeone = anger +1

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i'm a bit lazy so i'm not gonna link the hell outta this post you'll just have to appreciate these beauties. 

PIXIE from north coast nsw





so ryeonederful

Saturday, April 11, 2009

super late notice texas go fish.

this is super late notice but you'll find both myself and earl at this smokin fools.

ryeone gettin nasty

vancouver OH GEES

the title says it all. what most people don't know about me is i'm like a sponge. i absorb information and knowledge like crazy. my knowledge of vancouver bboy history is pretty vast. so heres a little lesson in vancouver bboy scene. me and my bromie brian were chilling and he was surfing through youtube videos tagged under "vancouver-bboy" and he came across this video.

see if you can spot a few local celebrities

contents under pressure is a definite OG crew it's pretty crazy seeing dj flipout in action and rob rizk too. and seeing that they aren't half bad too! who really blew me away though was jayzar

this dude.
his stuff was on some other level...
stolen from mango's bboy album speaking of mango
look at his boobies
and also look at the spot hes practising in "roundhouse" see i pay attention.

ryeone the sponge over and out

Friday, April 10, 2009

This S*** is too sweeeet


The caption/title says it all, Valerie- Amy Winehouse is officially my jam for my birthday week. First off on wednesday I officially turned 19 the BIG 19 it feels good , I went to Tunnel for the Questlove performance! shit was bananas i gotta cop some pictures for all of you soon. Thurs I hit up the BoomBox Saints & Afterthought session at LUGZ cafe ... Which was DOPE!, the acoustic feel and the atmosphere was tight!. Now on GOOD friday i'm sitting here jamming to my 2 favorite songs of the week... DON'T SLEEP! on these songs

One of the guys i met named Adi Killing it on the Mic in this song but give big ups to all of them Huggy Fresh and JP!... By far my favorite local vancouver band, if you have the chance, check out ALMIGHTY who actually produced some of there songs BIG UPS!...

DON'T skip out on this ... if you ever have a chance to cop it , Don't hesitate

Earl the Pearl

Thursday, April 9, 2009

roots concert 20 bucks ya mutha f***s lol

technically i didn't even pay for a ticket my bromie brian did but 20 bucks for a roots concert is not bad by all standards.
we were able to get right up front to the action i literally coulda spat on black thought from where i ended up due to dumb asses pushing us.

captain kirk and damon tubba gooding jr
stupid drunken university students made a mosh pit i laughed at their stupidity when a bunch of them fell

a lil sumthin sumthin

say whaat up to your boy earl who just turned 19 what! happy birthday brother well actually that was yesterday but this is just a reminder.

ryeone vancouver's favorite son

to hiatus and back

it has a been a long couple of weeks for me dealing with the inner demons of my life. i've fought a long and strenuous battle with my self, over self identity and moral fiber. and it's funny that i put up that april fools joke cause i didn't know i'd totally go on this weird blog hiatus. the best way i can explain to you what i have been doing without this blog for the past few weeks is sorry yes another video. but i promise this explains it all

and to you "young and not awesome at all" guys that keep spamming our comment moderation just how young are you? i mean seriously i read some of that stuff. are you in like grade 7? cause that ish is weak. you don't see me leaving a bunch of stupid turd burglar comments on your site.. you know why? cause i have better things to do then go to a boring ass website run by a couple fagle wannabe designers.. i actually never go to your site so it's actually quite an honor that you come here to check out our site and hate on us.

but that aside i'm back is my basic point here people. back and better then ever on that rocky ish..

ryeone has just begun son

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lookbook girl of the week......... AGAIN!

think you've met her before Trang from florida. Shes been on fire!... she has the top spot on and her style her finesse.... its just plain ol jaw dropping , I give her kudos for another week!...

Earl the Pearl


Its a beautiful animation crossed with reality about bike messengers. Its dope, good narration, on point with the video .. kudos

Earl the Pearl

ps: if some of you are wondering where my fellow colleague/bromie is hes actually taking some time off due to some personal reasons .... and don't get snoopy folks or i'll hunt you down
Just show some support for him , to get him back into this blog! ... for now its Just me
for all you Ryeone fans i'm sorry..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ryans teaser from earl mendez on Vimeo.

a little teaser i made from some of ryans footage

Earl the Pearl

everyday I'M hustlin



I hope everyones reading recently since its been mad raining out haha.

Latest News

I have this Old Old Old Sears road bike which is practically junk but i dedicated myself to putting it into a Project and really giving it some potential, maybe in a few months or in a year it would
turn out the way i want it too but this is gonna take some mad Elbow Grease and a hole in my wallet but I think once i'm done i'll have a sense of Accomplishment. So keep a look out in the next few months!....

In other words I didn't properly Introduce my actual bike i've been riding

The bike frame was actual bought from skitchs own wayne !

51-52 cm(not sure)Iro Mark V frame
sugino messenger cranks.. 44T in the front 15T in the back
700C rear Deep Velocity Wheel & front 650c Spinergy
Ritchey Headset
Pink Oury Grips
metal toe clips
Full speed ahead saddle

I'm not exactly that great yet at remembering the basic parts but i tried.

Ryans Bike!

56 cm Mojia(moja?) frame
Black rear 700c Deep velocity wheel & Black front 650c Deep Velocity wheel
with customized spray paint by Ryan Narita
Sugino Messenger Cranks 44T in the front 18T in the back
Plastic Toe clips with Toshi toe straps
Black Oury Grips
I'm not exactly sure what his seat is but i know its mad comfy!

and there you go folks I introduce you too Re-define dopes fixie clan!

Ps: Interested in the fixed gear scene? hit up Re-define dopes collegues

Duke of Earl
I know stop with the videos but i got one more, In highschool i use to chill with all the kids who were into the punk scene and they got me into the whole Rancid Phase

so if you like Rancid this one is for you

Earl the Pearl


Big thanks to Jolin Ras for the video

The accent oh my goodness, shes a total babe!.... sorry this whole thing with girls and accents. Kinda the reason why i wanted to go to Australia for a year haha

and for all you lookbook haters... or atleast hate most of the looks on there

Peep this!

this is one of my fellow friends Dylan Yee's blog which i say really knows how to deliver entertainment

Earl the Pearl


For all you poppers, lockers, bboys, dancers, people who love hiphop anyone thats interested in Mr.Wiggles wise words... Listen to him drop knowledge!, by far mad inspiring!

Thank you to Arthur Tiojanco for the video!

Earl the Pearl

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

game over

calling it quits. the past few weeks we've really been slackin and with the lack of comments and lack of reader interest we've decided to call it quits. 

-sincerely yours ryeone..

for the lack of blogging ... actually lack of lookbook girls! i've been buggin out Ryan about it for two days i think its 3 now... but be patient we have our own lives to live! ...we will be posting shortly!

Earl the Pearl