Sunday, February 8, 2009


so yesterday was this guys birthday party

half the redefine team showed up to cover the good times. hella bummed my bromie earl couldn't come.
(by the way "bromie" ⓒ rye0ne 2009) hahaha it was good times chilling with new faces and some familiar faces, kept it real. we held down a legit cypher. 3.50!!!!!!!!!!!! shoot.. but yea in a nutshell it was good night some guy got cracked in the head with a bottle and the bacon arrived shortly afterwards. some crazy girl kept throwing my hat around and i was like wtf back off get your own sandwich. i'd say my only complaint was the only females approaching me were of the unattractive variety..

but yea shouts to alex velasco

that aside HOW COME NO ONE IS SHOWING EARL ANY LOVE!!! lets see some comments or i'm going on a hunger strike or at least not eating anything that casts a shadow!..

all these skateboard videos is making me want to skateboard OR

REviseddd TPC part from matt mckeen on Vimeo.
my hommie tom sent me that a while back thanks tom. you watch it then you're like "this is dope." then you catch yourself saying "this is dope" and you're like i'm retarded.

and lastly.
what do you get when you mix portuguese with singapore and chinese...
one beautiful person... thats jessica gomez the latest phenomenon to be sweeping korea.
damn... <3

rye0ne bringing you whats good


NesNesY'all said...

damn, she hat.

Denise R. said...

See, you go to Alex's which means I think you should go to Denise's. Thank you very much!

Btw, "bromie" is hella West coast lingo!

lou said...

thank you ryan for bringing her into my life , i'm forever grateful

Lysander said...

hate to ruin it for you rye, bromie's been used for a bit now. BY MEEE! so that copyright is mine. lol