Saturday, February 14, 2009


today is the day for all you young cats to be in love.. don't kill the buzz and say it's all a marketing scheme made by hallmark. in todays world of war and crisis we could all use a little more love in our day. guys treat your girl like a queen, and girls show some love for your man.. we all know dudes don't get any day where we're showered with gifts and flowers and dinner.
again in honor of the little fat kid flying around busting caps in your ass and mine.

the valentines mix by none other then wundrkut
i was skeptical at first. but i was a fool! of course anything by dr kutztable himself has to be gold.. (thank you edd for putting me on to this!!)

last night was's birthday party at gossip. that ish went off!! argh! i wish my bromie earl was there again! hurry up and become 19 earl! but yea i gotta give a shouts to denise for inviting me to by far my best club experience yet! and james for paying my cab fare home!!! shoot i feel bad that she lost her wallet...hopefully it's not too much trouble to get the i.d replaced..

well i think it's time to take a break from that scene i'm plum broke.. clubs are costly! holEEEEE! i could buy an entire meal for what a beer costs..

i remember singing this back when i was one of those young lovebirds. treat em right boys.

and now to make you laugh spotted at booooooom

rye143 happy valentines ya sappy bunch.

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vuudoo said...

where did eric go anyways? it's like he's been hiding in a crate for a couple years.