Wednesday, February 11, 2009

jeff hamada x livestock via hypebeast ugh...

theres a lot of black and white in this post so i thought i'd spice it up and hurt your eyeballs :)
i gotta say i'm a bit disappointed that i'm finding out this information through
hypebeast jeff. and not through you!
but oh well it's been a minute since i've seen you so i guess it's kinda my fault. anyways earl was supposed to blog tonight but i guess he got
so for Livestock’s ongoing artist series collection they're doing a colab with the man the myth the legend and hes not bad at halo 2. jeff hamada!!! i personally like these way better then the last batch with pendleton but thats just my opinion it's not that pendleton's were bad these are just way better ...
these will be available the same day as the release party on the 19th

more later keep checkin


Robin said...

tres excite

Jeff Hamada is one of the dopest artists out there, good looking out

Robbing Huynh said...

omg i love koreans

vuudoo said...

.... jeff is japanese

Cory Gibbons said...

got mine