Saturday, February 14, 2009

relax and take notes

Missing In Action f'real sorry folks , i've been at a deadstop ... a hault.. stumped , no excuses though. Re-define dope is coming up with some big things once we get ahold of the pictures we'll get at you asap ..and did anyone catch the NBA Allstar game that just happened on our recent Valentines day? ... someone fill me in.

Big new posts coming at you soon

For v-day day earl the pearl spent the day

by far the best valentines day haha.

Since Ryeone was throwing down some classics i might as well give you one that
you and probably your parents would know.

Don't Stop Believing- Journey

Reminding you whats good
Earl the pearl


NesNesY'all said...

nate owned. haha.

Anonymous said...

word ness ^