Sunday, March 29, 2009

i mad love the sound of acoustics, but this, this my friends is a different story. Bohemian Rhapsody on the classical guitar. Take a listen, if you know the words go right along and sing the lyrics!

ps: If you don't know where Bohemian Rhapsody is from, i think it might hit you when you see this clip from one my personal favorites Waynes World

Earl the Pearl

Friday, March 27, 2009


City and Colour concert post coming soon , in the mean time i found this on wonderful youtube i knew someone was bound to post it but this is one of his new songs from his next album. The song came from a dream he had that the world was ending, take a listen


Earl the Pearl

i'm your pusherman

Pusherman - curtismayfield ...

originally from 1972's movie Superfly

Earl The Pearl

song of the day

Basement Jaxx- good luck

shit gets you hype f'real!

Earl Thee Pearl

Thursday, March 26, 2009

amish people or magic wizards you be the judge..

watching late night tv is often the inspiration for these posts on bad advertising and stupid products like this

i wonder if any idiot will actually buy one of those.. how it works is you plug it in use the controller and wow instantly warmer because little lights light up the faux fire . it's not even a heater... the basic principle of this product is one: amish people are magic. two: magic fake fire place will warm our entire home if we believe in it! three: you must be a moron to purchase this.

the best part about this is i can flame(no pun intended) on the amish all i want cause none of them own a computer.

rye0ne idiots.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

air yeezy air yeezy air yeezy...

thats all i ever see these days if you ask me since 'ye' put out 808 fartbreak i've been really disappointed in him.
and even these sneakers aren't thaat big of a deal to me. maybe when i get to see them in person my opinion will change.
until then this is just for you sneaker heads.

hype beast posted this video by dj maestro

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

shoes are meant to be used and abused!!! ain't no G thang.
if you want a pair of yeezy's just check out livestock. they'll be dropping april 4th at the west 4th location

and in other news it's official japan>world
if you're korean it's very likely i'll shove the fact that i am better at baseball in your face at least once.
people in japan are going effing apeshit over this stuff man.. ichiro is definitely bigger then the beatles.

anyway this is going to be a really confusing post from sneakers to baseball to riding bikes.
my homie tom put together this sick video for skitch of himself and another homie duncan lewis
shreding in toronto i'm stoked to get to ride with these guys again soon!!!

Skitch presents Saturday In The City from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

thatsaboutit for now

lazy muhfugguh called ryeone.

there is really no other word for this then: LAZY...
i'm sorry the past week i've been pretty out of it. people might have noticed i'm a bit detached perhaps even grumpy. i think i've got a case of the emoness.
my basic routines have been: get as much attention as possible, mope around at home ... 

and listen to songs like these

if you listen to any of these at least listen to this last one
i'll get back to posting though i got lots to catch up on here.

but in the mean time

Monday, March 23, 2009


enough said

Earl The Pearl


Whaddup everyone, Earl the Pearl here.....I know you folks are mad excited at what girls we picked this week, I actually got two , one thats from Singapore and another from Stockholm, I'm posting the girl from Stockholm on behalf of Re-define dope's homeboy Jolin Ras because he likes the Mature, sophisticated types but for me in the other hand XuanXuan.D from Singapore is all i really need to make a clear decision

I introduce all of you too XuanXuan, honestly don't let the name throw you off

shes cute right !?

And heres Caroline from StockHolm


Earl the Pearl likes lookbook girls(atleast some of them)...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Sheep art, check it!

Question of the day

For the Homeboys.

We can all agree that girls who can sing are gorgeous?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mos Def's Clothing line!?

Forsure when theres a drop date in canada , i`m copping myself a shirt!

The Brookln Hat is tight!

Mos Def - intely
As great as Mos Def can really do a track right, he's also really big when it comes to the fashion game, for the spring of 09 mos def is set to collaborate with UNDRCRWN which actually was set to drop today on UNDRCRWN'S website. According to the designs are heavily inspired by the cover artwork of the 2004 Dead Prez album, Revolutionary but Gangsta , this line will include outerwear and headwear not only printed T-shirts. Also in other Mos Def news he will be dropping his fourth solo album The Ecstatic, On june 9th, hope you keep your listening up to par and eyes wide open!
Mos Def on the cover of Vogue

Mos Def X Undrcrwn

kid cudi calls it quits

Kid Cudi

peep it here

Yes you heard it the upcoming Kid Cudi ( The Cleveland based rapper) blogged on that he will call it quits after his first album drops, I personally found out the news on MuchMusic News but i recently looked into it on XXL. Kid Cudi who is apart of Kanyeeeezy's G.O.O.D music family and appeared on kanyes 808's & heartbreak album quoted “I am falling back on being an artist. The drama that comes with it is more overwhelming than the shit I was dealing with when I was piss poor broke.” he continued saying “My friends get mad at me, say I’ve changed,” “One of the only homies I got in this game, Wale, is worried about me ’cause of shit he hears. Like, WTF? Who can say I’m being Hollywood? I’m not around anyone but Plain Pat and Emile. Who can say that shit? Motherfuckas talkin’ shit here and there, spreadin’ rumors, makin’ jokes, tryin’ to judge me, and for what?”....the reason why hes putting down the mic is to focus on his acting career. He is already on the set of How to Make It in America featured on HBO which is to set off in august, Unfortunately for Cudi's solo debut (Man on the Moon: the Guardians ) theres no specific date when it will hit stores, so keep your eyes open!


can't go wrong with the house of pain!



MONEY MONEY MONEY! hahaha, I was watching american hustle the other day and i couldn't stop and still can't stop laughing at this part

Easy E, Ice cube and D.O.C and a group that said F*** the police

Monday, March 16, 2009

sometimes it's monday..

this is going to be a BIG week!!! mostly all because of this
it can not be avoided. i'm maaaaad hungry for this jam.. people better come prepared.

and in other news dale has once again gone over board on the spending and is selling his worldly possessions
so he's doing this again.
send helps oh mai gash!!!  

btw i don't know if you watched the video from the previous post but it is friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggin hilarious! and if you felt stupid to check if it were a real website . let me tell you it is a very real wwebsite and in fact a very real business

enjoy your week 
rye0ne still cooler then some gay site run by three goofs

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jones Big Ass Truck Rental

Thanks to bromie Jolin i got a video you'd enjoy

so yea... it's sunday and what not... so that means..

this week was not as easy as other weeks for me i actually had to do some digging for that "one" with that "it" factor.
so i hope you appreciate the beauty of : GABRIELLE from new york new york




it's really too bad this is only once a week huh.. well i guess that just means you better make sure you're here EVVVVVery  sunday .

btw def definitely check that video on big daddy kane !!! "who flat top rules of 89!"



lately i've been in mad presence with this culture we call hiphop, I'm just reviving from the last bboy battle Ground zero big ups to my boys "Simple As That" who made it to semi's but unfortunately lost against now or never, but now i present you... a dope 16 minute documentary about one of the notable legends BIG DADDY KANE! a quintessential figure of the Golden Era of hip hop. In this documentary BDK explains his years growing up in New York, his life in the rap game and his influence on fashion and his lyrical superiority. Don't Sleep, a must see!

Ps:Sur Fresh Alot from retro kids and BDK's freestyle ... is tight!!!

Just in case you didn't know who retro kids were

Earl the Pearl

Friday, March 13, 2009

bad advertising

i wonder if the genius behind this ad campaign knew about resident evil ...

clearly someone f*cked up...

the resemblance is shocking... i hope you're as excited for zombies happening as i am!?! :)


words of the wise

often people tell me ryan you're so wise for your age how do you know all these things. and my only reply is .. what can i say i eat my vegetables and i read my books. but you know what.. i keep a litte secret weapon. the one teaching ME this wisdom is none other then OG paul
paul sensei.

theres ya daily dose peaz

i'm not making fun of fixed gear riding or anything i just think the videos that haters develop on these sites are pretty entertaining

Earl The Pearl

Thursday, March 12, 2009

good eats veggie spring rolls..

OMG these are amazing...
now i'm not gonna say this is the best nam place in vancouver cause i'm sure everyone's got their own "spot" but this is officially my new love. the first second the crispy crunchy veggie filled spring roll touched my tongue... that was it. and for 6.50 it's not hard on the wallet. i hit this place up yesterday with our bromie jolin who recommended it in the first place. after my meal i told the waitress "it was delicious and i'd be back again for sure!" so when she saw me again today she smiled hahahaha. it was dope she remembered my order and gave us an orange( that means we're special)

so go visit this gem asap. just off-a west 4th on burrard 

in other news weather is AMAZING if you aren't riding your bike or walking to work wtf is wrong with your legs. drink it in folks before old man winter shows his fugly face again.
nice view :)

you probably have this and i've had it for ages but recently this is on replay in my mind.
back in the day

peace love you an eye tea why rye one


notamessenger says, fuck your "fixie" from Corey Emond on Vimeo.

WTF!? i should kick this guy straight in the face.... whatta "doucher"

I didn't specify enough..... sorry folks... but i think i should bust a cap in his ass!

Earl the Pearl
B.I.G'S last freestyle !

urgh that last line biggie pulled off was money

Nardwuar vs T-Pain

haha whatta random ending

Earl the Pearl

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i guess i should post this before everyone else does again. so far i've only seen this on liveblog so i think i'm safe.
listen to this remix i love the beat they put on it

if you want the mp3 here ya go

that aside i got a little bone to pick.

recently i've sort of picked up on the fact that we have a few haters. i understand that their will always be haters a great man once said "There'll always be haters, that's the way it is. Hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids..." but honestly i don't understand why you're hating on us? making fun of the site.. i mean if you think we're fake people and one day we just decided to jump on the "blog bandwagon" then you're wrong! both myself and earl still have our own respective sites. where i talk about my life my dreams my ups my downs. you know, emo crap. i'm going out on a limb here to say for myself i just wanted to write here to have a separation of thoughts. one blog to rant and one blog to "redefine dope." now if you still have a problem with this site then i REALLY don't understand you. cause hating on us for just having a site is like me hating on anyone for having ambition in life. like me telling you you can't become a dancer, you can't become a lawyer etc .. a man can dream.. and my dream is to have a cool website, see how big it gets, and hopefully get a crap load of free stuff out of it. now if you STILL have a problem with that then you need to take a good look in the mirror and come to terms with the fact that your moms a hater, your dads a hater, and you are their hater offspring. cause i sure as hell don't know what else to call you.

we are two humble guys just trying to make something interesting to read. we have nothing but love for everyone so :


Earl the Pearl here, HATE... dislike intensely or passionately thats obviously not what you guys are into right ? Its more of "feeling resentment because of another's success" which is another word for JEALOUS. ...."Quality over Quanitity" word is bond

Speaking of Haters

Ryeonederful & url are maxin relaxin all good

FIREWORKS BACK ON...and i told ya so.

if your head was up your ass for the last month and a half i'll clue you in fireworks were called off because they were short 400 000 dollars. an anonymous sponsor stepped up and donated the remaining 400 000 to get the event rolling. it comes as no surprise to me that fireworks are back on. frankly i knew this would happen it happens every year and you know what?! I'M ON TO YOU! but i'll stop before i sound like some crazy conspiracist.

but to you mr or mrs anonymous (not the weird one that keeps commenting on here) the one thats sponsoring the hsbc celebration of light this post is for you!

PS. i don't know if anyone has figured it out yet but i also write for: 
pretty cool gig. i mean if you look at the other writers i share the company of... i dunno. i'm kinda a big deal hahahaha jp jp!! definitely check that site out though i love it. 


Monday, March 9, 2009


Thanks to for the statement!

Heres a little something all you cats can enjoy, A dope minute and thirty handshake... how the heck can you remember all of that!?

Heres a little Blackstreet- No diggity... i wanna get a talkbox already

Sunday, March 8, 2009

theres a little thing called .....lookbook!


I Introduce you, Nikki D
from the Bay Area!
I had a little help from a friend to find the right lookbook girl of the week but
the help did some justice, she has the right style, the right smile and shes from SF
what more can i ask for!?.

Earl The Pearl loves Bay Area Girls

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the principal stinks

"long live mao" hahahahaha

Fun Or Dumb? Graffiti (1976) from Skip Elsheimer on Vimeo.

and to think while stuff like this was airing on cable tv
stuff like this was going on.  

long live hiphop!! can i get a hell yea?

btw you can thank vuudoo for that futura vid

havin fun in the sun rye0ne

eatin like a rabbit 7 days strong!!!

today marks my 7th day as a vegetarian. and whats my verdict?

so far so good.

i can honestly say i haven't craved meat since day one when my mom made me a BLT with a bunch of bacon for dinner... i got home after eating grapes and a veggie burger and looked at the sandwich and was like "fml....."
but since then i've been taking everything in stride. do i feel any different? as of yet, no. the only things that happened was my skin got real dry for a couple days. my friend edmar warned me of not getting enough protein especially if i'm doing high energy activities. i don't know if it was the placebo effect or for real but that same day i felt sorta weak. but i've found the solution.
so if anyone wants to follow in my steps these are my sanity savers:
YO! gurt... i guess this isn't really an alternative to anything. but when you start missing things like nuggets it's nice to have a delicious veggie comfort food like yogurt.
you know what this is... if you don't like edamame i don't know whats wrong with you.. i remember my family used to joke about how teamsters used to request ed DAMN mommy for my cousins catering business hahahaha. oh caucasians i love when you try to say asian words. it's like you are the fobs and we are the white people . hahahaha
3)rice works oh em gee
i know it's perfectly fine for a vegetarian to eat regular chips but damn i love these things!!! that and they have a lot of protein too. i was comparing them to a bag of jerky and it turns out they have equal grams of protein?!?! wtf..
4) cliff bars..
these are... amazing! i don't know why i wasn't eating them sooner. i bought a bunch to see which flavor tastes the best. and i just had my second one out of 5 flavors, i decided it doesn't get any better then this. black cherry and almond thats it game over.. cliff bar me love you long time.

there are a few others that deserve an honorable mention but i threw out the wrappers.
wasabi peas="a happy present from the earth", yam tempura roll( this didn't come with a wrapper i just ate it without thinking about this post) and juice :)

all in all i'm diggin this healthy lifestyle choice. i don't feel anything like an elitist since i've always been that "healthy guy." my only bad eating habits are my lust for nuggets and candy otherwise i'd pretty much be eating oatmeal or cereal anyways. for now it doesn't really feel like a handicap it just feels like a gateway to experiencing new flavors and learning more about good health.

ryeone stay classy vancouver.

Friday, March 6, 2009


No explanation here

Earl The Pearl likes Asian girls


never have an american speak tagalog (philippines main language, for the ones that don't know).. and make adobo or you'll just crack up hysterically... for the filipinos atleast , adobo is just another filipino main dish. Heres a little video on how to make it.


Earl the Pearl
I got this from Dale carrasco and friends
and i must say that this is a good find the artist is Edgar Muellar,
These are all side walk/roadside paintings that appear 3D from one angle, trippy as heck!

and heres the video of the whole process , shits dope!

Earl The Pearl likes artsy


THE ROOF from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.


Earl the Pearl will seriously stop! haha

it was funny

i just thought this was pretty funny, i'm not saying that i'm good at doing this specific trick or even good at fixed in general but i thought the way he bailed was just classic!

failed keo from TrackTramp805 on Vimeo.

Earl the Pearl will stop the bike videos haha


Thanks to ryeone i've been hella caught up in this fixed gear scene!. He sent me this video to show who his inspiration is and safe to say ... i think i'm as inspired as he is.

Earl the Pearl

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

just incase you thought there was anything "hippy" about bikes

MACAFRAMA Trailer from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

nuthin but chill rides :)

not a hippy blog!!!

i know with all the stuff on bikes and eating no meat makes it seem like this is some sort of hippy blog... but you know what?! IT'S NOT!!! but since we're on the topic watch this video.

is it such a hard thing to do? i decided theres nothing stupid about caring a bit about your planet..

and since we're going all out on bikes and planets and such check these babies!!
gold phil wood hubs if you want a baller-ass bike then cop a pair of these.. they're not anodized they're GOLD plated!
for more info

now i know i had a new segment for the blog but i'm not done yet so you'll either have to wait til tomorrow or stay up late?
my bad.. <--- easter egg



grrrrrrr i totally had this idea a long ass time ago. my idea was to secretly place some of the most hype gear in the most common places like winners or sears or walmart and create a system to give people hints and go on a easter egg hunt basically causing a frenzy of hype..
but it looks like nike has once again stolen MY idea..

Pop-Up from Filip Kleremark on Vimeo.

seen at the lost and found

oh well.

stay tuned today i have some crazy fresh ideas for this blog launching today! heh.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Its wierd how a bike ride in the rainy night, a session in a parking lot and plain ol cruising can turn into a inspiring video, this video was made by our own bromie , Jolin Ras , Your own Re-define dope cats are in this one take a look , Ah good work Jolin!

bike motion from Jolin Ras on Vimeo.

Earl the Pearl rides bikes too :)

kid cuudies and chill rides

for anyone that knows anything about current hiphop you'd know kid cudi is one of the artists thats going to blow up in the 2009. combine his talent and the producing of emo kid kanye west and you get this dope piece here!

The Sky Might Fall

stolen from illroots

in other news i've been doing a lot of riding with my bromies earl and jolin so i thought i'd share some of my favorite chill ride videos of my favorite pack of riders the JAN crew.

i like how in the middle the guys just start macking on random girls watching. something like that would never happen here.
you'd be like "heyyy" the girls would be like " like... ew!"

Hamakin - Yokohama Friday from hc100 on Vimeo.

i love these guys i wanna ride with them so bad.

sigh i think i was meant to be born in japan...

DAY OUT WITH THE OSAKA CREW from hc100 on Vimeo

that was a blatant copy and paste off my other blog but who cares no one's seen these.


day 1.5 of being vegetarian

to be honest it's not so bad so far. i don't miss meats as much as i thought.
this is what i ate:
for breakfast i ate oatmeal with brown sugar and cranberries. ( this was so good i'll be having it again tomorrow)
for lunch i had pasta salad spinach, asparagus, peppers with a delicious lemon garlic olive oiil dressing.
for dinner jolin cooked up some veg burgers
we were super curious as to how they'd rank against real burgers and restaurant veg burgers. i gotta say they're not something to go crazy over
but at the same time they weren't horrible either they were just like burgers.
thanks for the grub homie
they sure do look delicious though don't they. these three meals were supplimented by 1) bag of candy 2) liquids water juice etc.. 3) a midnight snack of yogurt and oatmeal cookies. mmmmmm

all in all if being vegetarian is this good then i don't see any problem with being vegetarian. but it doesn't help when you come home and your mom has a blt waiting for you. full of bacon....

more updates later on stay tuned

Well said

and heres a little something for all of you to just sit down and relax to
thanks jolin!

Earl the Pearl


Thank you , youtube

joy to the world

Whoever didn't go was mad sleeping.

Free icecream all around for the whole day, comes in little samples but who cares!... I stopped by for a couple hours just to hang out with my godsister and congratulate her and her success, did you know that she maintains this business while she goes to school!?!?, crazy right.

This is only half of the flavors that were displayed, dirty blizzard,
taro oreo is my main squeeze at this joint.... i heard teramisu is mad delicious
didn't get a chance to taste it though


Not just icecream they make cakes too! , my birthday is in a month
and a few .. hints hints?!

Elayne Joyce trying to be mad artsy with her dslr haha,
Just kidding ... just to give all you guys the heads up all these pictures
are actually stolen from her facebook photo album. I didn`t
bring my camera sorry folks

Waffle cones and ice cream can`t get no better than that

Re-define dope x Ohh Joy

Earl the Pearl is hustlin hustlin....