Monday, February 23, 2009


Word to Lou, maybe you haven't been reading but i posted twice already. Don't get on my bad side!. I'm already grumpy enough

Other than that i've been sleeping, ryeone posted it before me but I wanna 2nd that and give a big ups to

OhhJoy Ice cream Inc

If you don't know, why i put this picture up its because the wonderful young lady
beside me is actually the one who owns the store. Elayne Joyce Colobong,
my god sister!. When i heard about this I was amazed!. Kudos to you Joyce. I'll be visiting you
more often haha!. So if any of you want personal hookups hit me up!. NAH playing. Find Ryeone and possibly me at the event! no doubt... grubbing on tons of icecream, too bad i'm lactose WHO CARES!.

.... more good news, my latest COP!

Wu tang Clan- 36 chambers for 10 dollars at HMV.... shoot i know right!?

and the bad news......

wonder why all my tires are leaning against a wall and not on a bike.....

because this is what F$##$&$ happened, its alright though i'll be ok
I'm getting a new frame on friday!. I'm not patient though

Earl the Pearl bringing you whats good, whats interesting
and whats plain old dramatic :(, I forsure need ice cream on saturday


lou said...

143 earl, you're the best!!! (am i back on the goodside again) <3

NesNesY'all said...


Brian said...

r i p.


Brian said...

big up ryewun.

this post stands true.

we'z fam.

adrian said...

what'd you do to break your frame like that? damn lol.