Sunday, February 22, 2009

life lessons part 3

Life lesson one: For downtown drivers, pls look in your review mirror before opening your door or a innocent young man like me will end up damaging it and damaging myself. Close call

Life lesson two: I need a bike lock ASAP... or else

Life lesson tres: Lookbook girls are a tease! they have mad style and some are mad fine, its just theres no way of getting to them. (if you don't know what is its a site to post your own fashion sense basically)


vuudoo said...

you need a bike lock, patch kit, tools, pump, extra innertubes, extra tires... and a hip chrome bag to carry it all in -___-.

Jolin said...

wtf.. that bike lock thing is messeD! also getting hit by cars are not fun.

kobe said...