Friday, February 6, 2009


I think Most of you know that i'm a big lakers fan. Recently Lakers has just done it again ending the celtics winning streak , feels like christmas day all over again when they ended the celtics 19 game winning streak but this time it was 12. Lifes Beautiful

I believe these were the shirts that were made for last years NBA finals, Undefeated X Lamar odom .. the undefeated team did a good job haha.

and you can't go wrong with reppin your favorite team doing what you love. Btw Bryant hit 61 points the other night and had a double double against the celtics.
Makes me miss my basketball days

all day everyday
earl the pearl


reahjuice said...

straight up hatin.

Jolin said...

pff boston will kill!

logan said...

omg 143 lakers