Thursday, February 26, 2009

right thurrr sday

you're welcome.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Recently i've been listening to some Jimi Hendrix and i didn't realize how sweet he can play that electrical guitar. I have mad love for this song when it was on the soundtrack of my favorite movie, White Men Can't Jump, Ryeone reminded me ... about this soundtrack, so ill , i gotta find it and cop it . Help anyone?

ps: Leave you a little something


Earl the Pearl will rock your world.
(sorry it was catchy)

I will always be a big fan of Public enemy, speaking of fight the power it reminds me of spike lees do the right thing, this movie is one of those movies i can't stop watching. I gotta cop myself a copy!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Word to Lou, maybe you haven't been reading but i posted twice already. Don't get on my bad side!. I'm already grumpy enough

Other than that i've been sleeping, ryeone posted it before me but I wanna 2nd that and give a big ups to

OhhJoy Ice cream Inc

If you don't know, why i put this picture up its because the wonderful young lady
beside me is actually the one who owns the store. Elayne Joyce Colobong,
my god sister!. When i heard about this I was amazed!. Kudos to you Joyce. I'll be visiting you
more often haha!. So if any of you want personal hookups hit me up!. NAH playing. Find Ryeone and possibly me at the event! no doubt... grubbing on tons of icecream, too bad i'm lactose WHO CARES!.

.... more good news, my latest COP!

Wu tang Clan- 36 chambers for 10 dollars at HMV.... shoot i know right!?

and the bad news......

wonder why all my tires are leaning against a wall and not on a bike.....

because this is what F$##$&$ happened, its alright though i'll be ok
I'm getting a new frame on friday!. I'm not patient though

Earl the Pearl bringing you whats good, whats interesting
and whats plain old dramatic :(, I forsure need ice cream on saturday


so that was an interesting week to say the least. with parties and events and such. but it's the dawn of a new week in blog world and there are new events and new parties to be attended! like this


it's gonna be pretty hype actually believe it or not. i will probably be spotted there munchin out on dairy even though i really shouldn't be having any. speaking of foods that i should not be eating... TOMORROW IS IHOP FREE PANCAKE DAY!!!
ryewun gonna get his muhfuggin pancake on! it's at any ihop from 7am to 10am so sleep in front of the door with your sleeping bag cause this ish is gonna be a door crasher! hahahahahaha well not really but i'm gonna kill anyone in between me and free pancakes! here is more details on the event.

but enough of that. i've posted this before on my other blog council of doom!!!

council of doom - another 48 hours from wolfgang on Vimeo.
it's gonna be a sick video they really only show this trailer for 48 hours then it disappears so to all my bike homies watch it while it's hot!!!

and for that matter i don't think anyone really paid attention to this video i strongly suggest you watch it

It's Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

i know there are some kweli fans out there so heres some love from me to you
my favorite song
other then that what else can i say? mondays we go hard. hahah

have a good week. keep checking we'7 days a week

rye0ne out and about

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lookbook girl of the week

Ryeone and I discussed how hot some of these girls are on Lookbook. So were bringing you a new idea and maybe some colour to some of our posts.


Our pick for this week is a girl from Southern Cali. Who we think has her game right, .
We introduce you Re-define dope readers
Olivia L


and Enjoy

Earl the Pearl digs this girl (for a week atleast)

life lessons part 3

Life lesson one: For downtown drivers, pls look in your review mirror before opening your door or a innocent young man like me will end up damaging it and damaging myself. Close call

Life lesson two: I need a bike lock ASAP... or else

Life lesson tres: Lookbook girls are a tease! they have mad style and some are mad fine, its just theres no way of getting to them. (if you don't know what is its a site to post your own fashion sense basically)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I know Most of the fixie riders in Vancouver/burnaby/ Surrey know about this and i know i'm late! and no i'm not posting this because its hella hype! but i'm posting this because... i love the colorway ... the Gold and Black colorway joint its like Shaq and Kobe at the allstar game... but some of you might be wondering why i'm posting about a fixie ... and i don't even ride one?, isn't RYEONE suppose to be doing this type of post? guess what .. i've been dodging traffic the last few days with the bike that is soon be officially mine! thanks to the VuuDoo, yes you heard it... Earl The Pearl is a fixie bike owner! . Teal Miele frame with a white deep v in the back and drop bars in the front and a pussy front brake because i can't ride that great yet. haha

Thanks to ryeone and dalezees for the inspiration and Vuudoo for the bike!

PICS UP SOON! ( seriously i'm not going to procrastinate)

jeff hamada sneaker release party recap featuring dale.


the jeff hamada-converse-one-hund(red)-livestock-release-party *inhale* was on thursday night. me an the pearl an dale went to show some love, check out the party, and sip a beer i suppose. it was pretty dooope seeing the buzz over this shoe and seeing jeff sign autographs and take pictures with mooks like us. if anybody deserves to be fussed over it's jeff! pay attention kids see hard work does pay off!

BTW photos takin by both your boys ryeone and easy earl. mostly earl though

re-define dope x booooooom??? hahaha
i think at some point i saw everyone from this weird...
plus the usuals man if you think cyrus is loud in normal life and if you think hes loud with a megaphone you should hear that guy when hes had a beer or two....
i don't know why that photos blurry! anyways later in the night he tried to stick a bunch of stickers on my back secretly... i think he must have got me with the first couple but then after the like 3rd i felt it and was like oh man... hes putting stickers on my back isn't he..... so i nonchalantly walked over to a mirror and to my horror found 5 to 6 stickers on my back! but whatever apparently i won him 10 dollars in a bet..

it started off kinda empty around 8:30 ish
but then later on it was packed!
i hung out with these guys
my riding buddies :)
brian's got cute little baby hands it's almost like a little girl reached up and smacked him in the face.
earl wanted pictures of my new starter cap?
jeff explaining how to make booooooom shirts hahahahahaha
ian pretending to work when hes actually checking facebook.. hahaha jp
earl asking please sir i want some more?
me doing my shy guy pose. or checking text messages which ever.
and now for a succession of photos i call the adventures of dale.
he liked the sneakers. but was afraid to spend too much money
we hung out
he had fun
my camera stunned him

all in all it was a good time. the ride over with my two mustache friends, chilling, talking about bikes, seeing a bunch of people. and free beverages you can't beat that! the night would have been better had i bought the shoes. alas this wallet is bone dry.. i can't wait for more night rides!!! and summer!! anyways yea big ups to jeff and livestock for putting on this rad event!!!

and lets not forget it was for a good cause. i completely stand behind the product(red) business plan
and the shoes are still on sale i believe as well as the jeff hamada x livestock t shirt. definitely go check them out.

rye0ne given you whats good.
p.s i'm going to be so late for work for this!!i better see a billion comments when i come back!

Friday, February 20, 2009

when life gives you lemons ... say fuck the lemons and just bail

For some reason i'm really digging the chorus

This song defines how my days are.

and the other day i was actually going through a random cd collection thats been collecting dust. I came by one of my parents old Digable Planet Cd ( i really don't know why they have it) which was called Reachin ( A new Refutation of time and space) which released sept 27th of 93.... i was only 3 years old. dang haha but i took a listen and i was immediately intrigued ... I think most of you came across this song sometime in your lifetime.... Where i'm from- Digable planets


ps: Jeffs Release party was dope... we'll keep you informed ASAP

Earl the Pearl is Stressed out

Thursday, February 19, 2009


have you seen the weather out there get outa your house you fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.
spotted at trackosaurusrex

coming down from the clouds

i'm sorry for not posting it's just nice to come to the blog and see the livestock x re-define dope post. like foreals.. it makes me happy to just see that picture of the bag.

but now it's time to come down out of the clouds and start to actually earn my keep in this blogging world. earl and i have some pretty ambitious goals for this site. and that last post was just phase one of our plan. first off i have to say thank you to those readers who come here everyday to check whats up in our lives and whats dope in the world! without out you we're nothing, we're just a couple of guys with a blog. so your loyalty is the sh*T! we won't let you down! now that my head is clear and i'm not in the clouds it's time to get back to giving you the dope stuff 7 days a week!

today is the day of jeff hamada's converse product(RED) sneaker release party! both your boys from redefine will be there!
it starts at 8 pm at the livestock west 4th location!

something else thats popping off is
at caprice night club. here's the line up

- NON Dance Crew - BBoy
- Fortune House - Hip Hop & Contemporary
- La Douche - Vogueing & Wacking
- Synergy - Hip Hop
- Dance-Tron 2009 - you’ll have to see it to understand it…
- FlowEthics - Street Jazz/Hip Hop
- Groovy G’s - Popping

the winners get 1000.00 dollar cash prize.. i have a feeling N.O.N will take this..

but anyways what the hell is this?!?! the express with Johanna Ward ? hells no
i can't remember where i found this but i am oh so glad i did check out that reporter tripping the F**K out hahahaha

don't try this at home kids!!

rye1 out

Monday, February 16, 2009


Heres a shot of the bag that yours truly Earl the Pearl took while walking in the
back alleys of gastown with rye. I shot with Ryeones D40- 18-55mm , Our bag of Loot is basically what this was , 4 shirts.. and cheap cheap starters :)


Re-Define Dope X Livestock...
Its Legit, we asked cyrus what we need to do to keep it up
all he told us was " Just live life "... I guess every advice thats given
should be taken and life gives you credit. We got lucky then...
the manager of the biggest streetwear store in vancouver does it big
for re-definedope ... THANKS cyrus

Ps: This is outta the blue but recently i've been hella digging all city and colour tracks ... i'm kinda late but Dallas Green sets the bar ...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks to Marc Betsayda for the video, can anyone guess what the heck Cory Guns is Rapping :S...

Earl the Pearl

do i need to say much more .. The new Hosoi SK8 hi's padded tongue, red leather.. hm hm hm.. vans hasn't been out with a good shoe besides authentics which i basically wear everyday .. located at your local urban outfitters ... but these , these are nice black leather would be nice but i'm not getting picky cop em quick and don't sleep at gastown/ west 4th's livestock

give you a reminder who christian hosoi is
rands footage i picked up on youtube

Earl the Pearl
Love Food?, Wanna know some reviews on some dope places in Vancouver or a few places in the states to Eat out possibly with your date? Friends? Alone? Take a look, absorb the variety!.

i hate how this site makes me feel so hungry.

Reminding you whats good
Earl the Pearl

life lessons part 2.

This is Life Lessons with Earl the Pearl!

Life Lesson One-
Whenever you've partied to hard and taking the skytrain back to surrey, Don't because you'll feel ill as f***!

Life Lesson two-
not that i do it or anything but Extacy is meant for raving.. ENJOY :)

Life Lesson Three-
Never beat your woman especially if your rich/famous

Saturday, February 14, 2009

relax and take notes

Missing In Action f'real sorry folks , i've been at a deadstop ... a hault.. stumped , no excuses though. Re-define dope is coming up with some big things once we get ahold of the pictures we'll get at you asap ..and did anyone catch the NBA Allstar game that just happened on our recent Valentines day? ... someone fill me in.

Big new posts coming at you soon

For v-day day earl the pearl spent the day

by far the best valentines day haha.

Since Ryeone was throwing down some classics i might as well give you one that
you and probably your parents would know.

Don't Stop Believing- Journey

Reminding you whats good
Earl the pearl


today is the day for all you young cats to be in love.. don't kill the buzz and say it's all a marketing scheme made by hallmark. in todays world of war and crisis we could all use a little more love in our day. guys treat your girl like a queen, and girls show some love for your man.. we all know dudes don't get any day where we're showered with gifts and flowers and dinner.
again in honor of the little fat kid flying around busting caps in your ass and mine.

the valentines mix by none other then wundrkut
i was skeptical at first. but i was a fool! of course anything by dr kutztable himself has to be gold.. (thank you edd for putting me on to this!!)

last night was's birthday party at gossip. that ish went off!! argh! i wish my bromie earl was there again! hurry up and become 19 earl! but yea i gotta give a shouts to denise for inviting me to by far my best club experience yet! and james for paying my cab fare home!!! shoot i feel bad that she lost her wallet...hopefully it's not too much trouble to get the i.d replaced..

well i think it's time to take a break from that scene i'm plum broke.. clubs are costly! holEEEEE! i could buy an entire meal for what a beer costs..

i remember singing this back when i was one of those young lovebirds. treat em right boys.

and now to make you laugh spotted at booooooom

rye143 happy valentines ya sappy bunch.

Friday, February 13, 2009

too good to pass up.

i have to start out saying angelo you suck at darts kid. . . work on that.
a lot going down today. a bunch of couples making last minute reservations and ordering flowers. . sigh.
but yo! any justice fans in the house?!!! then check THIS out!
spotted here your boys justice pretending to be real dj's with the rca cord not even plugged in... and i think he put it best when he said

"Hope I didn’t shatter some hipsters illusion that these guys were ill DJs or something"

hahahahahaha suckas.

this is whats on repeat in my mind

but hey the show must go on! tomorrow is a big day for us! so stay tunned for that post.

ryewun (thanks maria) peace'n it

Thursday, February 12, 2009


a little something to feed off of, I ask you where did it all start.. in the Bronx or Queens?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

busy like a B

there is so much stuff happening and it's so hard for me to catch up!!!!!! me an earl have a couple things coming up, BIG things.
so please bear with us, if you're getting tired of reading about events and stuff we have some cool blog ideas for you to get in on.
and on top of that some craaaaaaaazy "partnerships" going down in the next couple of days. you'll definitely want to stay tuned for whats up for your boys at redefine.

anyways i gotta couple whaddups to do for today first off :

Souldiers Company Fundraiser

WHEN: Feb. 21st 2009
WHERE: Drive Dance Centre
1839 Commercial Drive (Between 2nd and 3rd)
Vancouver, BC
ADMISSION: $10/Adult, $5/12 and under


5:30-8pm 4 Elements of Hip Hop Workshop
Bboying: Bboy Razzy D (Filthee Feet)
Bboy Dickson (Japanda)
Graffiti: Bboy How (NON)
MCing: MC Brigee K
DJing: DJ Masaro

8:30-10pm Performances
Guest Performances by..
Vancity Lockers
Kill The Lights
Souldiers Company
Jamieson DeGuzman of the Groovy G's


thats the just of it. personally i like anything that promotes hiphop in essence. you might catch me there munchin out on baked goods.

and on friday night it's birthday party! i'm still a little iffy about it. a party!?! on valentines day?! have you seen the emo sh*t i write on my other blog?! what if a repeat of my first club experience happens?!!!! i don't think i could take that. that'd be game over man! shoot.

but i've blabbed long enough here watch this video if you haven't already

one of the many things i think canada lacks that japan has is the punk rockabilly types. life is not complete without japanese punk rockabillys. i can't figure out how to make it not auto play so watch it while it's hot and before i just turn it into a link.

rye1 son

jeff hamada x livestock via hypebeast ugh...

theres a lot of black and white in this post so i thought i'd spice it up and hurt your eyeballs :)
i gotta say i'm a bit disappointed that i'm finding out this information through
hypebeast jeff. and not through you!
but oh well it's been a minute since i've seen you so i guess it's kinda my fault. anyways earl was supposed to blog tonight but i guess he got
so for Livestock’s ongoing artist series collection they're doing a colab with the man the myth the legend and hes not bad at halo 2. jeff hamada!!! i personally like these way better then the last batch with pendleton but thats just my opinion it's not that pendleton's were bad these are just way better ...
these will be available the same day as the release party on the 19th

more later keep checkin

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

R.I.P j dilla

it's always sad to think of j dilla passing. so young and full of potential. and just like my homeboy brian said it's sad that producing wasn't really as big as it is these days. that man never got the full respect he deserved. it would have been his 35th birthday on the 7th and today it's been 3 years since he left us.

Dilla a.k.a Jay Dee - My Tribute 2009 from Andy Brown on Vimeo.

to say j dilla changed perceptions through music is an understatement ...

i'll be straight up this is how i found out about j dilla. i didn't even know who he was until he died and trixie posted his picture up on xanga and said r.i.p j dilla so i googled that ish. and i was like "YOOO!! you made my favorite music.. NOO! you're too young!!"

listen to him spin whats pretty much a standard of today

r.i.p Jay Dee
James Dewitt Yancey (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

wanna vibe out to some of these chill as f**k beats then here you go. now go tell a friend about our blog! go run now !
thats it for me today .. i don't need to post anything else this speaks for itself.

rye0ne love and respect

ps. bob k is trading sneakers for house plants! the mans off his rocker! jk jk but he is trading brand new sneakers you might wanna check it? this is how i got my freaking futton!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

makin waves

this is going to be a big couple of weeks if you don't know already. lots stuff is goin down.
for 0ne don't forget the release party for these jems here

it's like i said before if you're gonna buy new sneakers why not "do the right thing" at the same time nawmean?

number tw0 MIGHTY 4 damn...
3 day long battle in seattle and it's FREE. not much in life is free these days so you gotta be thankful when one of the biggest BADess battles of them all is free. i dunno i still gotta get my greyhound ticket. please pray for me that my head doesn't get chopped off. . .

not to mention some crazy hallmark day that starts with a V and ends with alentines day.. i haven't been alone on valentines day for 4 years. wow could it get anymore emo then that...
in honor of that little fat kid flying around and busting caps in young lover's hearts

and then theres this kid... got the whole game figured out at the tender age of 9...

rye0ne i still can't believe she was jockin my style.. i get it from one of my heros free