Wednesday, December 31, 2008

for the upcoming year me and earl have some crazy stuff planned. you know it's pretty dope to think that we just started this blog not even a month ago and already we're averaging about 100 hits a day and we couldn't have done it with out YOU! so you see the end of december isn't only the begining of a new year it's the begining of a new chapter for your boys at re-define dope

our business plan is thrice.. step one make a blog. step two get famous . step three get free stuff. hahahaha i made a vow to earl if we don't get free stuff within 6 months thats it.. i'm quiting blogging forever . in any case i just wanna give you the reader a HUGE thanks for coming here and checking whats dope. like i said we have lots planned for the future so keep coming back and tell your friends .

i know this is gonna be MAD played out but i don't care. i just wanna share a few goals for 2009

- get at least 100 members into our facebook group.
- get some sort of sponsorship
- try no meat for the rye1 (like those cool kids savage and tom)
- win a jam with my crew
- read less watch more tv
- meet someone special <3?>

hahahaha go ahead and tell us one of your goals or resolutions

Monday, December 29, 2008

QUESTLOVE sample lesson mixtape download

this man needs no introduction.  and if you know anything about Questlove you know the man is a walking encyclopedia of sampling and hiphop. i think hes got something like six thousand records..

wanna hear some dope as f*** beats? then download this mixtape


ps. i miss you earl!!! come back to me! no homo.

sorry folks

Its hard to get a good post up with the lack of speed of the computers here. I need to hook my laptop and maybe steal some juice from one of these suckas over here . Noone runs on wireless though so its a bummer. Thank god for having no hair ... I'd be sweating bullets if i still had my long hair attached haha, I'll Post a good one in the next few days. Sorry rye, I'll try getting it up asap haha. Till next post peace

Sunday, December 28, 2008

HAHAHAHA !!! asian boy remix

hahahahaha i saw this today and it's like DAAAMN...
alright so there are two steps to this video step one watch, step two holla atch ya boy rye 1 ;)


keepin my blog hand strong! it's hard writing for a two man blog by yourself.. earl get on that laptop already!!!!
anyway i just wanna give shouts to my hommie tom and the skitch crew.

skitch is a vancouver based clothing company with a emphasis on fixed gear bike culture and riding.  someday i'm gonna be a good enough rider that i'll be sponsored by them too hahaha. but yea they got some pretty iLL riders heck the guy who partly owns and operates the company tom is a dope rider.
 Ten Ten Blog Pic Colour Adjustment
you might recognize that guy. because thats TEN 10 TENNN!! of japanda crew. back when i started bboying this was one of THE top style heads to look up to in vancouver. but since he injured his back he can't do any bboying. so he has to focus his energies in a different direction can you tell... hahah
anyways skitch is coming out with a new line of shirts probably way doper then the last batch and the last batch was TIGHT!
skitch is repping vancouver and canada hard. this is what i like to see more local based clothing companies and designers making their mark

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A to Z livesale to savage pebbles birthday

it was a crazy tiring day for me. i was supposed to wake up at 5:30 so i could get to the sale by 7. but either i zombied my alarm clock or it just never went off. so i woke up at 7 luckily my ghost face chillas had me covered and cut me in line.




my verdict on the sale was... it wasn't as good as previous sales but still some dope stuff to be found.
i got these and these
and another cool perk i got a livestock umbrella!?! it's actually pretty cool cause of how fancy it is. oh and it was FREE!

after that i checked out a few other sales. with adrian and kt and token white guy. i bought a pair of jeans at {ie
yada yada yada around 7:30 it was time to start heading to savage rock's birthday party.

my boy ken the saru and savage 'the birthday boy' rock

"at first it was pretty weird i didn't know anyone. then i saw a few familiar faces!
the vibe was good and i was like yo i can totally kick it with these guys"

it was just like at the jams when he comes out " OH SH***T! IT'S ED!!"
floorstorm in the house!!
this was funny every time we were like "ready?!" christine would do something funny not even realizing pictures are being taken.
(time out for a gay moment) i haven't seen a couple this cute since corey and topanga... realtalk.
chilling with this girl is always fun. ps sorry for ruining this photo

so i was looking around and i found this!
bahahahaha plannet lazer!! yo that place used to be the bomb!!!! i think i know which one victor was hahaha

hahaha once ken got buzzed he started taking pictures with everyone.


i needed earl for this mission... this party reporting stuff is harddd
couples couples !!!!!!!!

then joy did headspin out of no where

this was probably the funniest thing of the night. before he even started cutting the cake victor spat the sickest birthday rap ever... "yo my name is vic-tor-tran. it's my birthday and i'm-th-MAN..." hahahahHAHAH!! i think ken filmed it.


happy birthday vic

all in all it ended up being a pretty fun day. i just wish easy E made it out. 
oh well that baldy will be holding it down for this blog from the philipines too. so look out for his first post from that little island. yo earl bring me back some mangos. 

leather jackets are SO warm don't even front.. you know that sh"t made your head warm. 

rye1 out.


For those who see me on a daily/weekly basis... you know how long my hair got haha Since i'm leaving to the philippines and i have(had) a wack load of hair. I had to sacrifice it for the weather in the phils! hehe enjoy.... sorry rye, i had too haha


AFTER/ I took a shower and changed

other than that.... goodbye canada goodbye hair, goodbye snow... i'll see you in a month except the hair... the hair is long gone

Friday, December 26, 2008

the verdict is in..

the polls are in and the verdict is shaved i was getting pretty frustrated since every time i checked it was a dead heat 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8 etc.. by the way thanks for the <3's hahaa i <3 you too.
i am a man of my word i'll shave it soon. today was and is a big day so expect another post later.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little contest

So i was looking and admiring my room and i was thinking...
hm lets make a contest and actually have a prize . Basically heres how the contest goes.. if there is more than 7 participants that joins in the contest the winner gets 20 dollars out of my own pocket but OBV they'll recieve there prize after i come back from the philippines which is jan 18th but i keep my word on it. None of us can enter(DUH) .. but here it goes... take pictures of your room and tell us what "re-defines dope" in your room... and maybe throw us a few moments from memory lane. Just to get your creativity points up...heres the catch the contest has to happen if there is more than 7 participants if not... then its just a blog to pass around like the "10 essential things to bring out" .... start BLOGGIN!

ps: leave a little comment just to show that you've entered the contest, Ryan and I will judge if the contest goes through and we will post there entry and give em the shine they deserve haha

and i will post my room pictures shortly......

edit: i decided to throw another 20 in to sweeten the pot! this contest is easy so if i were you i'd get in on this! could be the easiest 40 bucks you ever made.. as per rules i'd say to make this a bit easier for you non bloggers if you don't have a blog make a facebook album titled "" like earl said you got until he comes back. so spread the word 7 people or "nothing at all nothing at all nothing at all"


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from yours truly...
Re-Define Dope
(heres a little something for you to fall back on)
i feel like a bit of a turd burgler going to this but the hype kid inside me can't help it where and when else will you find vans for 30 bucks! last sale i bought three pairs of vans for 100 bucks. kids this is the best time to get all you hype gear on you can't buy hand me downs off a virn and ian forever...


Monday, December 22, 2008


Just to tell you guys know we got a color scheme going on here Ryeones Red and I Earl the Pearl is Teal, just to give you guys a heads up and not to confuse you guys

first off earl and i have been scrambling to get this post up. so sorry if it's kept you waiting (LOUIS...)


the judges were jeromskee jorawk of massive monkeys and chase of soul felons and dj flipout on the wheels of steel .
Did anyone of you younger cats know that Dj Flipout use to bboy?, He was one of the first cats in vancity who repped under the name "contents under pressure"... The OG's of our time

Seeing my boy Rye one, teaching them kids a lesson ...
I was in these cyphers all night. (not this one specifically)
joy smoked two kids. i don't know why but every time i see someone with harbor dance pants on they get smoked?( i'm not dissing harbor it's just a strange fact..). Good observation Ryeone
our girl joy showing that girls can do it better. (thanks for the cookies)
1-2 (2)
my boy E ain't no f**kin joke
What Rye said.
IMG_4938 (2)
everything started out pretty good had the showcase prelims and a few of the top 16 rounds but then bam the lights went out... it was pure madness at first! mug's hat floating around, people screaming. and if anyone remembers kill beats you would understand it felt like a joke.
This whole night was tight and this happened! but everyone made a bad situation into a good one when the lights went out all i was yelling was KILLBEATS all of you guys had to witness it to know what i'm talking about
but after a while people chilled out and there was a pretty dope vibe
This is what i mean by making a bad situation into a good one considering
that boy on the left tried fighting me. It was all homie love though but Brian
don't mess with RE-DEFINE hahaha
hahaha that kid in the background looks high out of his mind probably thinks hes at some emo concert
nice teef joy
"hey has anyone seen my mikerophone!"
The debutant of the evening Mike Rocreeguez who all pulled it together
a jam just isn't a jam without mango. I 2nd Ryeone Mango is one of the
older cats who i look up too. Not only can he roast you but this guy has
mad heart! word is bond

mug dropped that towel in front of me and it hit the ground with a thud mahaaad sweat-funk up in that rag
then this happened
Personally i was behind Jbugz
check savage and b-'s faces.. hahaha
jbugz vs thesis was crazy hype battle considering there were no lights and no music shit was tight...
can't believe how much endurance those guys had it must have been AT LEAST 30 rounds
check the vibe in this clip

thanks lou for some of those photos

To sum up this city jam, Other than the Blackout .. there was a dope vibe dope atmosphere. This battle really set the bar for all of us. Bringing out our own flavour our own creativity to the floor. I had fun smoking some cats in the cyphers! and battling my own crew. Kudos to Mike Rock for throwing this jam or in his mind (debut) putting vancitys scene on the map . My big props will go to my brother Adrian "gonna F*** you up" mendez... showing kids who he is and what he does and what he'll do to you in a battle. Shouts to Westside kings, Joy and burnabboys holding it down. A little more towards to joy because she gave everyone cookies!. Other than that hope all ya'll love your winterbreak, keep dancing, keep blogging, keep reading... you know the deal. I'll see most of you cats next year. I'm leaving on the 27th... Ryeone and I bringing you the words of wisdom. Peace

all in all fight before christmas was iLL aside from the blackout of course.. even with the blackout there was such a dope atmosphere. nothing like chilling with good people having fun and smoking some fool all at the same spot. style force came out in full effect in many different ways shapes and forms. anyways i just wanna say props to roc reeguez for throwing the jam and keeping the scene moving, my crew style force aka lady savage aka burnabboys aka earl the pearl controlling the world my brother aka aj showing the little ones whats what and west side kings my ghost face chillas.

and from your two favorite bloggers merry christmas
you know the deal Merry Christmas M*****F******Z and happy holidays
(yeah i'm growing the stache nicely) haha