Thursday, February 19, 2009

coming down from the clouds

i'm sorry for not posting it's just nice to come to the blog and see the livestock x re-define dope post. like foreals.. it makes me happy to just see that picture of the bag.

but now it's time to come down out of the clouds and start to actually earn my keep in this blogging world. earl and i have some pretty ambitious goals for this site. and that last post was just phase one of our plan. first off i have to say thank you to those readers who come here everyday to check whats up in our lives and whats dope in the world! without out you we're nothing, we're just a couple of guys with a blog. so your loyalty is the sh*T! we won't let you down! now that my head is clear and i'm not in the clouds it's time to get back to giving you the dope stuff 7 days a week!

today is the day of jeff hamada's converse product(RED) sneaker release party! both your boys from redefine will be there!
it starts at 8 pm at the livestock west 4th location!

something else thats popping off is
at caprice night club. here's the line up

- NON Dance Crew - BBoy
- Fortune House - Hip Hop & Contemporary
- La Douche - Vogueing & Wacking
- Synergy - Hip Hop
- Dance-Tron 2009 - you’ll have to see it to understand it…
- FlowEthics - Street Jazz/Hip Hop
- Groovy G’s - Popping

the winners get 1000.00 dollar cash prize.. i have a feeling N.O.N will take this..

but anyways what the hell is this?!?! the express with Johanna Ward ? hells no
i can't remember where i found this but i am oh so glad i did check out that reporter tripping the F**K out hahahaha

don't try this at home kids!!

rye1 out

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lou said...

hey how much is this gonna set us back, grab me a pair ;)