Saturday, January 31, 2009


since my homeboy ryeone brought up skateboarding and hes japanese...
check what they've been doing back in japan. They got some mad creative juices over there. I actually found this on the Livestock site way back when, never got around to posting it ... here it is


After coming back from the philippines i take so much pride in the filipino culture now. If you haven't noticed i'm a big Manny Pacquiao fan but then again what filipino isn't? heres a little video to remind you who he is

if you didn't know your own earl the pearl plays darts and sometimes pool on his own time and use to play basketball how filipino can you get! haha

if your hella into your boxing and has 10 minutes to spare heres another video way back when he was just skin and bones


Whaddup everyone!. Sorry for the lack of blogging, I just want to tell all of the re-define dope viewers that, i came up with an idea of RE-DEFINE CRIBS. Just a stupid video of my whole house just for you folks and possibly ryans , just because were in need of hits. Keep on the LOOK OUT.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dedicated to all my homies grinding legally and illegally a-haha..

kick push kick push kick push kick push cosssssst and away he roll just a rebel to the world with no place to go..
yes once upon a time your boy ryeone was doing the pop shove its and ollies like a happy young go getter. with the all black DC's and backwards baseball cap steeze. i know earl definitely held it down in his day too.. for anyone whos still rolling dropping sets kicking flips and grinding anything that'll slide. (seriously i was so excited to see this.)
you need this ish.
it's like a fire marshall's worst nightmare!
if i were still a little skating bandit i'd save up my penny's in my piggy bank and i'd cop that in an instant i wouldn't even think twice.

TAIL DEVIL × L.I.F.E from LIFE on Vimeo.
damn kids these days.. so lucky... back in my day you'd be stoked on getting the randoms hardware with the skulls on em and stuff. we didn't have cool stuff like this.

ryeone bringing you whats good.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snow/infrareds round 3

first off EFF YOU SNOW!
second i was supposed to do this a while ago but i guess i was pretty bummed out that they didn't fit :(..
my hommies brian and chris woke up early in the am to get me these am's
sigh.. but on the up side i went to livestock to try and work something out.
and long story short a little birdie told me they'd have a round three of this hype hehehe!
so you heard it HERE first round three am 90 infrareds

anyways if anyone has hella small feet like size 7 and wants to buy these talk to me and we'll work something out.

and don't forget your boys at re-define dope will be holding it down at the upcoming battle 
BIG TROUBLE in little vancouver. 3 on 3 bboy battle. come check it out and don't be strangers i personally love it when someone comes up to me and is like "yo nice blog keep it up" and i'm all like "ye.. i know.. we keep it fresh" re-defining the sh*t outta being moddest and what not.

ryeone @%#%&@%$^&$%@&* snow...

Monday, January 26, 2009


Possibly a Re-define dope readers get together/outing, whatever you wanna call it. Just lounge around eat, talk, chill?!? HMMMM?

Sunday, January 25, 2009


MAY 2nd, Pacman Vs Hatton

Any Re-define dope readers that are boxing fans? If you haven't heard already, Philippines biggest idol/inspiration Manny Pacquiao is going up against Uk's finest Ricky hatton , On May 2nd, so if anyone isn't busy that day come stop by My house and grab a bite to eat and if you want to drink possibly a few beers feel free?! or if you want to take pride in Pacquiao come join along anyway haha. I'll be gladly wearing my "Team Pacquiao" jacket that night so if you want to witness that and laugh feel free! haha.

All day Everyday
Earl the Pearl

FBC video

our home boy brian vuudoo made this video documenting the last fight before christmas jam you should check it. all in all i think he did a good job next time you see him you should give him props on it. he worked hard and the poor guy had to stand there the whole time watching the battle through a camera.. DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS? damn.
anyways yea check it out.

watching this video you can't help but have love and respect for the felon himself mike roc reeguez.

ryeone done before the rise of the sun...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

mad love for the bgirls!

So as you can see from one of my previous blogs , I went to the philippines for a jam. I met one of the rawest bgirls from japan actually one of the rawest bgirls in the world. She knows her foundation , just if i was as old as she was haha. I introduce Bgirl Narumi

All day Everyday
Earl the Pearl


Estevan Oriol (click)

Boogie( click)

I advise all you beginning photographers( not saying i'm not a beginner either) who like to take pictures of the street life or just plain out looking for something new take a quick peek on some of the photographers who do it best . Estevan Oriol and Boogie , who i personally think are the only inspirations i have when it comes to Photography but wait what? You can have inspirations when it comes to Photography, OBVIOUSLY you can, it helps you expand your ideas. What inspires me the most about these guys is that there is really no boundaries when it comes to shooting photos and you can really tell a story. Here are some quick pictures by Estevan Oriol, he also does celebrity portraits which is tight heres one from method man. I would post some pictures by boogie but it doesn't seem like i can take them off his site. So take a good look at there sites. Something dope to look at if your on your break from studying. Because its exams for everyone i hear.

All day everyday
Earl the Pearl

anyone thirsty?

let me tell you people are getting wierder everyday on craigslist. Makes me think
twice into buying something from here. Thought i'd share this one with you guys
i just recently found it and thought what the hell?

Friday, January 23, 2009

keep an eye out for this bike!!!
i'll throw in 40 bucks from our failed room contest if you find it !

hiatus of emoness.

so i've been taking flak for not posting in a while. heres whats up to be completely straight up i've been emo as hell. i'm just not up to posting everyday right now. if you've seen my other blog you'd know it's not cool like this one it's just me being a whiny little bitch. i'll be better i just gotta go soak some sun in and find a pretty girl friend hahaha

here are my top 5 emo songs to listen to:







Monday, January 19, 2009



You all know from ryeones cry for help i've been gone for about three weeks kickin back. lets break down the randoms that i witnessed in the time being with a PHOTO PHOTO! PHOTO!! BLOG.

ps: Its gonna be hella long because i missed out on some mad blogging!

Re-definedope viewers meet my familia, do you ever wonder
where i get my stache? check it out

See that F***ing line up, that was for my plane shits weak.

My first day out and i thought to
myself lets hit up a fast food spot
and it turned out that my first meal was
Cornbeef , Egg and Rice.
Ya'll can't get better than that.

First Alchohal beverage i had
and trust me it wasn't the last one
San Mig Light basically is like kokanee
for canadians but for filipinos,

let me tell you a little thing on Filipinos and food
Filipinos preferably filipino parents are really big on cooking
hella lot of food for everyone f'real (come by my house and i might just
fry you something.) the thing is the minute your asked to eat you can't
say no or its just plain out disrespect (i'm not kidding seriously)
There was a point in time where i had about
4 big meals in a day, You know how exausted i was.
I turned one down later on in the day and i saw the
the look on my grandmas face, so i ate a little bit
because she really put me on a guilt trip.

Let me tell you a little something about this guy,
this guy isn't even a cop. Hes just a regular
security guard protecting the community
with a f***** 12 guage shotty(i assume)
You steal and run , your ass is gone like BLAOHHH

I wish i got a great shot of the
whole mall but it was that big
this is basically the front of Mall of Asia .
Metrotown is nothing compared to this place
it honestly takes 2 full days to get through all
the shops in this mall.

you honestly don't see this
everyday on the street in the middle of traffic

Blue Water , White sand.. This place
is worth checking out when your in the PI
Puerta Galera. This place is known as White Beach
Hella dope, people sell you handmade crafts and
you get massages on the beach for about 200 pesos
which is about roughly 3 dollars canadian. The Night scene
here on a friday is mad dope your bound to meet a girl or two
or for the girls out there a boy or three.

Obviously i couldn't go to a vacation
without meeting up some bboys/bgirls.
Heres a practice i attended at a fitness center
where i got 3-4 hours of the best practices i've
ever had.

Speaking of Bboys/ Bgirls i attended a jam called All the Way Live, being the only one repping canada. I tried getting as much coverage as i could but i danced more than i took pictures heres some highlights

1. One of the guys from beats n Pieces Crew.
2. I forgot what they were called but
she was smokin` she was mad rockin it that night
3. One of my Malaysian homies, we were mad cyphering all night
the dudes hella dope knows his foundation
4. I don`t know what he was doing here but
all you hiphop dancers should know who he is
RJ from Supreme Soul
5. The dead crowd (no seriously)
6. Dopest Venue, the layout was clean.
7. f*** the competition , the cyphers
is where its at. Mad loads of fun
8. I thought i was a nice shot haha
9. Last shot of the night of the venue and the people.

Next day we were sent off home,
but we got mad hooked up with seats
instead of economy they put us up
to business class so i was stuck with this
little bugger for 13 hours . Which was sweet
i watched about 6 movies that day/night.
Then i was in Vancouver in no time.



all day everyday
Earl The Pearl

cooking with ryan.

first off i gotta say i'm so glad my hetero life mate earl is back. hes like the cheech to the chong the R2 to the c3po etc etc.
i missed that guy you all read the post.
anyways, back by popular demand! (but not really since no one asked for this) more japanese food!
it's become so popular that i decided to make it a segment called:
by the way, if there was any confusion. it is me! that is making this food not moms or pops. so this really is cooking with Ryan!
today i made okonomiyaki or japanese pizza. if you haven't tried it i suggest you do
it's basically an egg batter mixture with cabage ginger and bonito flakes and you can top it with "whatever you like"
add toppings flip once
in this case bacon and mushrooms.
once it's done you put on your okonomiyaki sauce. traditionally mayo and tonkatsu

it sounds pretty odd but it tastes delicious if you ever see it on a menu i strongly suggest you try it even though it won't be as good as mine. the recipe is simple just ask if you want it. this reminds me a certain other bboy had recipes and food reviews on his blog.. i wonder what ever happened to that?!

eat ch'yo bun son.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

what WHAT? WHAT?!!!



Saturday, January 17, 2009

sick day SICK DAYS! afro samuelrai

so i took a sick day yesterday seeing as how i'm the only one writing lately earl is having his vacation in the jungle eating his lumpia and drinking his 40. i think i deserve a little time off don't you?! being sick sucks. with the mucus and cough cough and the nose drainage. but anyway today i'm fully prepared to walk around sick and act like a zombie. i'm going in to work to get those bitch ass customers back. ie coughing on all their change coughing in their bags coughing on their cough medicine. it was customers that got me sick in the first place after all.
though these keys are covered in cough germs and mucus is dribbling out my face i'll do this "sick post" for you

for any one that has basic cable and is into that gory japanese stuff like my self you won't wanna miss this

channel 32 on january 25.. now this isn't just some asian kid ranting about anime. the reason afro samurai is dope is for one
the main character is voiced by Samuel L Jackson you know he was in a little movie called PULP FICTION!

but if one the most notoriously badass mofos of film isn't good enough
the whole soundtrack is done by RZA of the WU. . . this gives the whole movie a urban sort of feel.
check the song out yourself

"whar" -RZA feat. Ghostface Killah, Kool G. Rap & Tash Mahogany

rye one so "sick"

Thursday, January 15, 2009


you know sometimes i forget i have one of these.. then all of a sudden i'm like wtf.. why am i sitting on my ass? g'ter done!

MIXTAPE VOL. 1 NO CASSETTES from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

wanna know the only thing better then miso ramen?

sorry i'm shaking with anticipation there
the funny thing is i had more then enough for two people but i ate it alllllll . seriously though i only do this to make you hate me for being japanese. next up sushi hahahaha

right thurr sday..

please excuse the erratic nature of this post. i'm coming down with something cough sinus the works. it's all making me bug out.. but if i don't get something out louis will chop my balls off. . . or something.. i've never crossed him and i don't intend to.

first off livestock is doing round 2 of this shoe

the Air Max 90 Inferred
it was crazy hype last time around.. gone within hours across canadia. this time i'm wondering though since they've upped the price what hypester will take the bait? honestly i would but i have to save for a trip to here
kekekekeke la>.<  !!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 7:30pm

3 on 3 Bboy/Bgirl battle

$600 Prize

Bboy Wicket (Renegades)
Bboy Free (Circle of Fire)
Bboy Orb (Circle of Fire)


need i say more? i didn't think so.

and third i've been wondering lately wtf is up with the middle east anyways? i bet all the women and children are like could you guys just go fight in alaska or something this sh*ts getting real played out.

stuff like this sort of explains things a bit

i said a bit okay jeeze don't look at me like i'm obama.

ryeONE peace in the middle east.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EARL !!! :(

so it's been what like 3 weeks? without earl! damn..sorry if there are some days without posts. i'm straight up getting burnt out trying to keep posting everyday. i need my filipino brother back!

i mean honestly you can't look at this photo and say you don't miss that guy

when earl left for the philipines for some reason the hits shrunk to half.. hahaha . come back earl!!!!!

i need this guy for inspirations and support and most of all i miss his little fuzzy moustache. so this song is dedicated to you earl

don't even pretend like you don't miss him.. i know.. i know..
ps. if you miss his voice too just call his voice mail like i did.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the up side to being japanese

growing up as a kid in my hood i always thought of myself as white for some reason. i was like 6 or 7 when i realized i was in fact asian. and not just any asian i was JAPANESE! i saw all the other asian kids and just figured "oh they must be japanese too." but no turns out as demographics go my hood is 88% chinese. i'm somewhat of a rarity. the only japanese people you know speaku like dissu harro mai name-u rayan wats yos. sometimes i wish i could find a nice japanese girlfriend but thats highly unlikely seeing as their type looks like rain or some sh*t.

anyways i've been recovering from a recent blow to my ego. (my first experience with clubbing was not a good one):
so today having a nice home cooked japanese meal was quite a treat. this my reader friends is the upside to being a rare and lonely japanese kid
comfort food
when we have gyoza it's by the dozens!


lil wayne at least hes something...

i was just reading an article on lil wayne and how good of a year 2008 has been for him. with a hand full of grammy nominations and songs with a bunch of other people. you know what, i couldn't agree more! love him or hate him that guy is getting his name out. i could link some stupid track that pretty much sounds like every other track or i could leave you with in my opinion his greatest works of 2008

"i hate chuuuu i jus want some cooookies:(" hahahahaha!

eat that hypebeast!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

my baby

so it's pretty hot here in the Philippines I'm feeling good though everydays a party and no ones in a hurry it's all just good times
PSYCH hahaha i'm not earl but that is my new baby! my nikon d40!! not many people know this but i have a background in film and cinematography so it's no coincidence when my pictures look good hahaha. but i'm a modest guy so yea you won't be seeing gay photos with my name then 2009 watermarked in them.  but you will be seeing quality coverage for events and stuff.

yea i just took it to a whole nother level..

just a reminder about the contest deadline coming up! you all need to get that stuff done! or else there won't be any winner.. go! go now! 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

got that on the low low

Philippines is filled with items that you can get on the low low f'real, i got a manny pacquiao jacket for 1000 pesos which accumulates to 30 dollars canadian. One thing i wanna welcome to my hat collection is this a white supreme fitted and by the looks of mine its not fake and i only copped it for 250 pesos which is about 8 dollars canadian. Seriously even if it is fake, it hella looks good

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i <3 keys and krates!!!

it's so frustrating that all their music is in youtube form. of all forms!.... although it does make a lot of sense to only have live performances as their songs. it's sort of their style to "do it live"
if you didn't check their other videos like i told you to shame on you!

have you ever heard anything like that before?!?

well anyways this post isn't about showing more of their youtube videos this post actually has something tangible.
it's one of their songs IN MP3 !!!!!!!


for more info check their blog right there on the right >>>>


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

this is getting a bit rediculous...

...this is just silly like come on folks...
you know what would be crazy though

this board

in this case

and wearing these shoes

you could buy a small house with what all of these cost.. just pure hype