Thursday, January 1, 2009


this post is dedicated to all you xx chromosomes out there. my home girl joy suggested this.
so it is a well known fact earl and i are two eligible bachelors hahahahaha so it just makes sense to think about girls a lot. . .
i've compiled my list of who makes the ryeone blush..

this girl has to be one of the hardest working women of hip hop everr. she never signed to a record label because she wanted artistic freedom over her stuff and had enough strength and integrity to go through with it. so if you buy her album shes the one licking the envelope and writing your name and address. true story.

i love and respect her so much <3 masiaone

aunt jemima i'm gonna tell you now you ain't doing pancakes or waffles correct if you ain't sippin on THIS sizzurp.
syrup 001
no other woman can make me feel the way she does.

for anyone who grew up in the 90s like me you would know saved by the bell was the sh***T!!!1!!!!!
and if you watched saved by the bell you knew this babe. kelly kapowski <3 aka tiffani amber thiessen
damn zack morris you lucky huge cell phone bastard..

marry jane watson not weed... peter parkers crush.. i read comics okay there i said it. shes an awesome girl always so spunky and up beat. saying stuff like "hiya tiger!" recently played by kirsten dunst whom by the way is not bad but i'd prefer kirsten dunst as marry jane.

stacy dash... damn..

if shes seems familiar thats cause she was that girl in clueless

the only girl for me. loyal, friendly(to me), best listener i know, always taken care of me, protects me, hella cute!. and she licks my face...
-shelby my pup.

Yaya DaCosta, rachel bilson, mila kunis are also worth mentioning to be racking up the hella cute points.

well i think thats enough. i might faint just reading my own post. or perhaps have a nosebleed in the most embarrassing japanese way

rye1 out


joymoreno; said...


Denise Isabelle said...

Damn, I suck eh? SORRY. I swear I will get to it soon. Foreal.

Here's your comment for this blog entry: I like yo taste in girls. *Thumbsup. Same respect to Masiaone from me.

Good idea for the blog entry!

vuudoo said...

girls are stupid.
but this is quite the post so i might have to change my mind.

aunt jemina though damn.

re-definedope said...

well actually brian it is guys that are stupid. girls are just plain crazy. but they're nice to look at

Joyan Buenavista said...

your home girl joy better be ME