Monday, January 19, 2009



You all know from ryeones cry for help i've been gone for about three weeks kickin back. lets break down the randoms that i witnessed in the time being with a PHOTO PHOTO! PHOTO!! BLOG.

ps: Its gonna be hella long because i missed out on some mad blogging!

Re-definedope viewers meet my familia, do you ever wonder
where i get my stache? check it out

See that F***ing line up, that was for my plane shits weak.

My first day out and i thought to
myself lets hit up a fast food spot
and it turned out that my first meal was
Cornbeef , Egg and Rice.
Ya'll can't get better than that.

First Alchohal beverage i had
and trust me it wasn't the last one
San Mig Light basically is like kokanee
for canadians but for filipinos,

let me tell you a little thing on Filipinos and food
Filipinos preferably filipino parents are really big on cooking
hella lot of food for everyone f'real (come by my house and i might just
fry you something.) the thing is the minute your asked to eat you can't
say no or its just plain out disrespect (i'm not kidding seriously)
There was a point in time where i had about
4 big meals in a day, You know how exausted i was.
I turned one down later on in the day and i saw the
the look on my grandmas face, so i ate a little bit
because she really put me on a guilt trip.

Let me tell you a little something about this guy,
this guy isn't even a cop. Hes just a regular
security guard protecting the community
with a f***** 12 guage shotty(i assume)
You steal and run , your ass is gone like BLAOHHH

I wish i got a great shot of the
whole mall but it was that big
this is basically the front of Mall of Asia .
Metrotown is nothing compared to this place
it honestly takes 2 full days to get through all
the shops in this mall.

you honestly don't see this
everyday on the street in the middle of traffic

Blue Water , White sand.. This place
is worth checking out when your in the PI
Puerta Galera. This place is known as White Beach
Hella dope, people sell you handmade crafts and
you get massages on the beach for about 200 pesos
which is about roughly 3 dollars canadian. The Night scene
here on a friday is mad dope your bound to meet a girl or two
or for the girls out there a boy or three.

Obviously i couldn't go to a vacation
without meeting up some bboys/bgirls.
Heres a practice i attended at a fitness center
where i got 3-4 hours of the best practices i've
ever had.

Speaking of Bboys/ Bgirls i attended a jam called All the Way Live, being the only one repping canada. I tried getting as much coverage as i could but i danced more than i took pictures heres some highlights

1. One of the guys from beats n Pieces Crew.
2. I forgot what they were called but
she was smokin` she was mad rockin it that night
3. One of my Malaysian homies, we were mad cyphering all night
the dudes hella dope knows his foundation
4. I don`t know what he was doing here but
all you hiphop dancers should know who he is
RJ from Supreme Soul
5. The dead crowd (no seriously)
6. Dopest Venue, the layout was clean.
7. f*** the competition , the cyphers
is where its at. Mad loads of fun
8. I thought i was a nice shot haha
9. Last shot of the night of the venue and the people.

Next day we were sent off home,
but we got mad hooked up with seats
instead of economy they put us up
to business class so i was stuck with this
little bugger for 13 hours . Which was sweet
i watched about 6 movies that day/night.
Then i was in Vancouver in no time.



all day everyday
Earl The Pearl

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vuudoo said...

not gonna lie earl, i miss our motherland too.