Saturday, January 17, 2009

sick day SICK DAYS! afro samuelrai

so i took a sick day yesterday seeing as how i'm the only one writing lately earl is having his vacation in the jungle eating his lumpia and drinking his 40. i think i deserve a little time off don't you?! being sick sucks. with the mucus and cough cough and the nose drainage. but anyway today i'm fully prepared to walk around sick and act like a zombie. i'm going in to work to get those bitch ass customers back. ie coughing on all their change coughing in their bags coughing on their cough medicine. it was customers that got me sick in the first place after all.
though these keys are covered in cough germs and mucus is dribbling out my face i'll do this "sick post" for you

for any one that has basic cable and is into that gory japanese stuff like my self you won't wanna miss this

channel 32 on january 25.. now this isn't just some asian kid ranting about anime. the reason afro samurai is dope is for one
the main character is voiced by Samuel L Jackson you know he was in a little movie called PULP FICTION!

but if one the most notoriously badass mofos of film isn't good enough
the whole soundtrack is done by RZA of the WU. . . this gives the whole movie a urban sort of feel.
check the song out yourself

"whar" -RZA feat. Ghostface Killah, Kool G. Rap & Tash Mahogany

rye one so "sick"


arthurstorm said...

just a little correction...samuel L jackson doesnt voice the main character...he voices the dude following him around...but yes sick SICK anime for a sick person

Anonymous said...

my brother is WRONG.
SLJ is the voice for afro AND ninja ninja.

HA! a new season?!!?!??!

Anonymous said...

nevermind i read up its a MOVIE.
that makes it 10 times more epic!!!!

re-definedope said...

reahjuice said...

hey just droppin some love,
dope blog! peace