Sunday, January 11, 2009

my baby

so it's pretty hot here in the Philippines I'm feeling good though everydays a party and no ones in a hurry it's all just good times
PSYCH hahaha i'm not earl but that is my new baby! my nikon d40!! not many people know this but i have a background in film and cinematography so it's no coincidence when my pictures look good hahaha. but i'm a modest guy so yea you won't be seeing gay photos with my name then 2009 watermarked in them.  but you will be seeing quality coverage for events and stuff.

yea i just took it to a whole nother level..

just a reminder about the contest deadline coming up! you all need to get that stuff done! or else there won't be any winner.. go! go now! 


VanessaB said...

shyza, looks like there will be a lot more photos up on this joint. i could say the same though, i got me one of those baby's too. aha!

rye said...

aaaah ha nice! whered you get it best buy or blacks? 399!!!

vuudoo said...

hahaha i showed percy your picture