Monday, January 5, 2009

surrey meets manila

Its hella "Mainit" (hot) over here, .. I'm picking up the language somewhat i know what to say to the tricycle driver and what to say when i need to get on a computer for the internet cafe haha.. I wanna describe how it feels over here with a favorite song of mine, i'm obviously not rubbing it in , i'm sure you guys are mad loving the snow over there ;). Playing.

Ps: i'll be at this net cafe for a bit 20 pesos an hour , basically a loonie over there shits mad cheap. I'll show you guys my pictures, i haven't been so caught up with blogging sorry folks.

one more note.. i met a girl over here around my height shes fluent in english and tagalog and can really drop a line or two on the mic and can really smoke a few in a cypher and really knows her roots of hiphop

n/m ... i wish

bringing it to you from Paranaque City, Philippines

Earl Mendez

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