Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snow/infrareds round 3

first off EFF YOU SNOW!
second i was supposed to do this a while ago but i guess i was pretty bummed out that they didn't fit :(..
my hommies brian and chris woke up early in the am to get me these am's
sigh.. but on the up side i went to livestock to try and work something out.
and long story short a little birdie told me they'd have a round three of this hype hehehe!
so you heard it HERE first round three am 90 infrareds

anyways if anyone has hella small feet like size 7 and wants to buy these talk to me and we'll work something out.

and don't forget your boys at re-define dope will be holding it down at the upcoming battle 
BIG TROUBLE in little vancouver. 3 on 3 bboy battle. come check it out and don't be strangers i personally love it when someone comes up to me and is like "yo nice blog keep it up" and i'm all like "ye.. i know.. we keep it fresh" re-defining the sh*t outta being moddest and what not.

ryeone @%#%&@%$^&$%@&* snow...


NesNesY'all said...

They got you a size 7!? WHHHAT! Maybe I'll fit into them... HMMM! Haha.

Anonymous said...

those are sooooo nice, too bad for the size. who ya battling with?

reahjuice said...

!!!!!!!!! how much are you selling these for!?

Anonymous said...

earl mendez does not re-define dope, he re-defines hoes.

Anonymous said...

what's the actual size and how much son?

re-definedope said...


they are size 7s and i can't charge anything less then 170