Monday, January 5, 2009

So i was looking and admiring my room and i was thinking...
hm lets make a contest and actually have a prize . Basically heres how the contest goes.. if there is more than 7 participants that joins in the contest the winner gets 20 dollars out of my own pocket but OBV they'll recieve there prize after i come back from the philippines which is jan 18th but i keep my word on it. None of us can enter(DUH) .. but here it goes... take pictures of your room and tell us what "re-defines dope" in your room... and maybe throw us a few moments from memory lane. Just to get your creativity points up...heres the catch the contest has to happen if there is more than 7 participants if not... then its just a blog to pass around like the "10 essential things to bring out" .... start BLOGGIN!

ps: leave a little comment just to show that you've entered the contest, Ryan and I will judge if the contest goes through and we will post there entry and give em the shine they deserve haha

edit: i decided to throw another 20 in to sweeten the pot! this contest is easy so if i were you i'd get in on this! could be the easiest 40 bucks you ever made.. as per rules i'd say to make this a bit easier for you non bloggers if you don't have a blog make a facebook album titled "" like earl said you got until he comes back. so spread the word 7 people or "nothing at all nothing at all nothing at all"



Ps:This contest is ON! I didn't get to posting my own but from rye one we got ourselves a contest 7 people are officially in and i'm closing the contest entries because ya'll are missing out

our contenders are 1. brian repping Burnaby, 2. edd repping surrey, 3. vanessa repping east van, 4. louis repping surrey, 5. mike repping DT vancity, 6. rob repping DT vancity 7. Adrian repping burnaby.

The cut off date is when i come back. Which is the 18th, get your bloggin right and kill the competition!

earl the pearl


VanessaB said...

ahh fack, i got suckered into it. i'll dope-a-fy my room closer to the deadline. haha!

vuudoo said...

yo! that "CONTEST update" is mad hard to read.

check your coding.