Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dedicated to all my homies grinding legally and illegally a-haha..

kick push kick push kick push kick push cosssssst and away he roll just a rebel to the world with no place to go..
yes once upon a time your boy ryeone was doing the pop shove its and ollies like a happy young go getter. with the all black DC's and backwards baseball cap steeze. i know earl definitely held it down in his day too.. for anyone whos still rolling dropping sets kicking flips and grinding anything that'll slide. (seriously i was so excited to see this.)
you need this ish.
it's like a fire marshall's worst nightmare!
if i were still a little skating bandit i'd save up my penny's in my piggy bank and i'd cop that in an instant i wouldn't even think twice.

TAIL DEVIL × L.I.F.E from LIFE on Vimeo.
damn kids these days.. so lucky... back in my day you'd be stoked on getting the randoms hardware with the skulls on em and stuff. we didn't have cool stuff like this.

ryeone bringing you whats good.


vuudoo said...

you showed me this waaayy back in the day!

i wonder if you skated on a film of gasoline could you ignite it? you could pull some 88mph back to the future on a skateboard homage with this.

reahjuice said...

oh psh. i did not get it from you!!! ask earl to tell you the story!!! hahaha. it was pure coincidence, besides im sure a lot of people have a list of 10 essentials they need, if you don't believe me i'll convince you myself via priv msg.

btw ahaha yep. we can chill out with kicks while steezin like prince and peep on zack morris.

Anonymous said...

what happened to that contest? re-define my ass, niggashit!!!!