Thursday, January 15, 2009

right thurr sday..

please excuse the erratic nature of this post. i'm coming down with something cough sinus the works. it's all making me bug out.. but if i don't get something out louis will chop my balls off. . . or something.. i've never crossed him and i don't intend to.

first off livestock is doing round 2 of this shoe

the Air Max 90 Inferred
it was crazy hype last time around.. gone within hours across canadia. this time i'm wondering though since they've upped the price what hypester will take the bait? honestly i would but i have to save for a trip to here
kekekekeke la>.<  !!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 7:30pm

3 on 3 Bboy/Bgirl battle

$600 Prize

Bboy Wicket (Renegades)
Bboy Free (Circle of Fire)
Bboy Orb (Circle of Fire)


need i say more? i didn't think so.

and third i've been wondering lately wtf is up with the middle east anyways? i bet all the women and children are like could you guys just go fight in alaska or something this sh*ts getting real played out.

stuff like this sort of explains things a bit

i said a bit okay jeeze don't look at me like i'm obama.

ryeONE peace in the middle east.


VanessaB said...

No, not nostalgia.
Algia in greek means pain, in medical terms. Nes means me. Therefore, Nesalgia. Haha, I am so lame. But you don't be sad either!

vuudoo said...

lou x kaws said...

haha i commented on the wrong post?
sick mix