Saturday, January 10, 2009

got that on the low low

Philippines is filled with items that you can get on the low low f'real, i got a manny pacquiao jacket for 1000 pesos which accumulates to 30 dollars canadian. One thing i wanna welcome to my hat collection is this a white supreme fitted and by the looks of mine its not fake and i only copped it for 250 pesos which is about 8 dollars canadian. Seriously even if it is fake, it hella looks good


vuudoo said...

haha supreme in the philly-peen.

i hate to say it but some things are too good to be true.

ps. hope all is well in the motherland.

BBoy Addicted said...

copping fake stuff is a MUST when your in asia

i got so many cheap fake stuff when i went to HK, its not even funny...ok well maybe it is....
i got a dope fake billabong hoodie for $10 Can.
some trucker hats for $2 Can. each
3 fake nike tukes for $3 Can. each
not to mention all the fake chucks i bought...they fake, but they dope

oh and my parents bought fake brand name watches

Rolex for $15...

i also saw tons of fake LV, D&G and other brand names of the sort. people were sellin them left right and center

so, like i said before,
fake stuff is a must when your in asia. buy all you can while you can