Tuesday, January 6, 2009

music on tuesdays.

i'm feeling crazy lazy right now.. it's probably the weather cramping my style. siigh another day another dollar nawmean. well while i'm at the london "slave shop" drugs i'll give you these to pass the time. 

give this man some respect! even though i haven't seen him in a while wundrkut is by far my favorite dj at jams he heats the cyphers and has crazy timing for putting on just the right song.

keys and krates "do it live" i wish these guys would come out with a cd already!!!

i'd search more of their videos on the tube. their stuff is TIGHT.

this encapsulates my summer time steez

Kai from Empire on Vimeo.
if anyone wants a bike just drop me a line we'll talk numbers and i'll see what i can build i'm a master at building on budgets.

chris's mean machine
Originally uploaded by itsryetime

anyways time to get ready for work....... -ryeone


vuudoo said...

where has eric been?
i was chatting with beatstreet recently and they haven't seen him either.

if i remember right djing is just a hobby for him, he does nothing of the sort to make it his profession.
which is a bit mindblowing considering his skill level.

Anonymous said...

wundrkut! sweet ass! FLOORSTORM REPRESEENNNT!

ha i have that set and his prelim set on my mp3 player

erics been around...not djing thotr

re-definedope said...

why are you calling him eric brian you don't even know him...