Saturday, January 24, 2009


Estevan Oriol (click)

Boogie( click)

I advise all you beginning photographers( not saying i'm not a beginner either) who like to take pictures of the street life or just plain out looking for something new take a quick peek on some of the photographers who do it best . Estevan Oriol and Boogie , who i personally think are the only inspirations i have when it comes to Photography but wait what? You can have inspirations when it comes to Photography, OBVIOUSLY you can, it helps you expand your ideas. What inspires me the most about these guys is that there is really no boundaries when it comes to shooting photos and you can really tell a story. Here are some quick pictures by Estevan Oriol, he also does celebrity portraits which is tight heres one from method man. I would post some pictures by boogie but it doesn't seem like i can take them off his site. So take a good look at there sites. Something dope to look at if your on your break from studying. Because its exams for everyone i hear.

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