Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EARL !!! :(

so it's been what like 3 weeks? without earl! damn..sorry if there are some days without posts. i'm straight up getting burnt out trying to keep posting everyday. i need my filipino brother back!

i mean honestly you can't look at this photo and say you don't miss that guy

when earl left for the philipines for some reason the hits shrunk to half.. hahaha . come back earl!!!!!

i need this guy for inspirations and support and most of all i miss his little fuzzy moustache. so this song is dedicated to you earl

don't even pretend like you don't miss him.. i know.. i know..
ps. if you miss his voice too just call his voice mail like i did.


L said...

ahah this post made me laugh!

earl the pear(lou) jk said...

this made me 'lol' haha gg ryan

vuudoo said...

BBoyAddicted said...


re-definedope said...

brian use html... no one can highlight that..

vuudoo said...

no(less) stache earl?!