Monday, January 5, 2009

simply titled: "screw you snow."

at first it was kinda nice having snow to frollic and play in .
but you know what snow i'm gettin real sick and tired of you. how many times have i shoveled you off my driveway or slipped in you! too many effing times thats how many... old man winter don't you even try to walk away from me with your walker i'll kick that sh*t out! i've had enough of the both of you!!! so why don't you hop back in that cloud and head back to the north pole where you bitches belong!

I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE!!!! and not just in undergound parking lots !
like that with my shirt off....

anybody else feel me here. go ahead and flip the bird to that mutha ****ing snow!
damn lucky earl doesn't have to put up with slush and shoveling that guys living it up with famjam in the jungle somewhere

i need it to be summer so i can listen to this jam while doing what they doin

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