Friday, March 13, 2009

words of the wise

often people tell me ryan you're so wise for your age how do you know all these things. and my only reply is .. what can i say i eat my vegetables and i read my books. but you know what.. i keep a litte secret weapon. the one teaching ME this wisdom is none other then OG paul
paul sensei.

theres ya daily dose peaz


vuudoo said...

hai, he has spoken.

spread the good word.

haha, paul's the best.

Dean said...

truer words have never been spoken before. paul just dropped some knowledge on everyone today.

Anonymous said...

real talk!!

arthurstorm said...

He's right. I mean...look at my windmills and windmill variations. Sexy

L said...


Gyromite said...

Paul is the man, I loved his power. We used to be in the same crew but I could never get those baby mills. Maybe I wasn't having enough sex back then.

re-definedope said...

Gyromite, were you apart of japanada couple years back?