Saturday, March 7, 2009

eatin like a rabbit 7 days strong!!!

today marks my 7th day as a vegetarian. and whats my verdict?

so far so good.

i can honestly say i haven't craved meat since day one when my mom made me a BLT with a bunch of bacon for dinner... i got home after eating grapes and a veggie burger and looked at the sandwich and was like "fml....."
but since then i've been taking everything in stride. do i feel any different? as of yet, no. the only things that happened was my skin got real dry for a couple days. my friend edmar warned me of not getting enough protein especially if i'm doing high energy activities. i don't know if it was the placebo effect or for real but that same day i felt sorta weak. but i've found the solution.
so if anyone wants to follow in my steps these are my sanity savers:
YO! gurt... i guess this isn't really an alternative to anything. but when you start missing things like nuggets it's nice to have a delicious veggie comfort food like yogurt.
you know what this is... if you don't like edamame i don't know whats wrong with you.. i remember my family used to joke about how teamsters used to request ed DAMN mommy for my cousins catering business hahahaha. oh caucasians i love when you try to say asian words. it's like you are the fobs and we are the white people . hahahaha
3)rice works oh em gee
i know it's perfectly fine for a vegetarian to eat regular chips but damn i love these things!!! that and they have a lot of protein too. i was comparing them to a bag of jerky and it turns out they have equal grams of protein?!?! wtf..
4) cliff bars..
these are... amazing! i don't know why i wasn't eating them sooner. i bought a bunch to see which flavor tastes the best. and i just had my second one out of 5 flavors, i decided it doesn't get any better then this. black cherry and almond thats it game over.. cliff bar me love you long time.

there are a few others that deserve an honorable mention but i threw out the wrappers.
wasabi peas="a happy present from the earth", yam tempura roll( this didn't come with a wrapper i just ate it without thinking about this post) and juice :)

all in all i'm diggin this healthy lifestyle choice. i don't feel anything like an elitist since i've always been that "healthy guy." my only bad eating habits are my lust for nuggets and candy otherwise i'd pretty much be eating oatmeal or cereal anyways. for now it doesn't really feel like a handicap it just feels like a gateway to experiencing new flavors and learning more about good health.

ryeone stay classy vancouver.


Anonymous said...

you know what else is a veggie lifesaver even though its not COMPLETELY healthy for you

instant MSG goodness

rye said...

HA! mi goreng! yes this is what i'm missing noodles!

edsofar said...

hey what's a cliffbar

Skitch Clothing said...

Dude, once this whole recall bullshit is over with cliffbar and you get to try the peanut toffee buzz you're life will be changed forever. They are pretty much the best thing ever created.

Anonymous said...

who da funk posted as me? hahaha