Sunday, March 1, 2009

it's that time again!!! LOOK BOOK GIRL OF THE WEEK!

this week the choice was muchos frustrating for me! SO MANY PRETTY GIRLS!
but in the end the choice was clear TRANG from Sunshine, Florida
hi ;)
wow <3
please be my future wife ! ! !

this post has been brought to you from your friendly neighborhood rye0ne


Anonymous said...

andrea ross?! nawp, not this week :(

LV said...

great pick this week, as always.

adrian said...

oh mama :P
does she cook too? because that'd be soooo hot.. <3

Anonymous said...

can you guys keep track of the look book girls of the week? last week it was on a friday, i expected on this friday too :(

rye said...

you should probably check again... last weeks was sunday too i marked it on my calendar and everything.