Sunday, March 1, 2009

starting this month..

reading a few articles here and there on healthy living and nutrition. and reading the adventures of our home girl may has sparked my interest of alternative eating lifestyles. so i decided to try no meat ! none at all! this involves you our reader because i'll be putting up my favorite eats, new veg recipes but mostly so you can see if i crash and burn and go off on a fried chicken eating binge.
this is what i gave to may when she was searching for inspirations on no meats.

this may come as news to you but dead prez are in fact all vegans. for you noobs that means they don't eat meat or meat by-products. so no milk, butter, gluten etc etc . you'd be amazed at how many things contain meat by-products. but make no mistake i am not becoming a vegan noooooo far from it i'll be eating as many buns as i can get my hands on. hahaha
sigh i'll miss you nuggets my loves :(
anybody remember that? nuggets used to come in 20 packs... o man... this is going to be hard i'm already having second thoughts hahahaha

have a ryeONEderful day


NesNesY'all said...

I def did that once a year. I lasted about like 3 - 6 months depending on what month I began. I never lasted long though, because when summer came, you can never say no to a filipino bbq! HAHAH! Good luck, sir.

FML said...

i wasn't expecting a latenight post, ryeone you're up to date.

ps. next time we head to earls, i'm bringing chubby chicken, churches and a bucket of kentucky's finest.

rye said...

thats just cruel..

dean said...

don't be a new age retro hippy... please...

Skitch Clothing said...

Way to go dude, it's really easy, honestly. I tried being vegetarian and it stuck after only one bacon double cheesburger meltdown 3 months in and then I never touched meat again. You can do you and if you need any help or have any questions, I'd be happy to help! Stoked for you man!

Poon master said...

i think.......... you should keep up a daily post.

i mean come on, some of us have no lives and rely on you to re-define dope for us. just sayin'

vuudoo said...

nuggets do come in 20's.

they just give you two boxes of 10's.

unless josh is working, he'll hook you up good and sneak in a nugget or two.

i'll be sure to eat a live chicken in front of you next time we chilly.