Tuesday, March 3, 2009

joy to the world

Whoever didn't go was mad sleeping.

Free icecream all around for the whole day, comes in little samples but who cares!... I stopped by for a couple hours just to hang out with my godsister and congratulate her and her success, did you know that she maintains this business while she goes to school!?!?, crazy right.

This is only half of the flavors that were displayed, dirty blizzard,
taro oreo is my main squeeze at this joint.... i heard teramisu is mad delicious
didn't get a chance to taste it though


Not just icecream they make cakes too! , my birthday is in a month
and a few .. hints hints?!

Elayne Joyce trying to be mad artsy with her dslr haha,
Just kidding ... just to give all you guys the heads up all these pictures
are actually stolen from her facebook photo album. I didn`t
bring my camera sorry folks

Waffle cones and ice cream can`t get no better than that

Re-define dope x Ohh Joy

Earl the Pearl is hustlin hustlin....

1 comment:

LOU said...

actually, its termisOHHH! her personal fave.

good post, she had 2 exams the next day, holla balla.