Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fam Fam Jam

Sorry for the late Update, been riding out and about since thursday and i've been at home for the weekend and just kicked it with famjam had a little get together for my aunts, uncles and late grandmas birthday. Enjoy the pictures

Shawn Oreta , Future re-definedope viewer
mad love!

If you listen to the conversations that go on , you'd be intrigued
i think we were going on for about half an hour about Blackjack and we were also talking about
the recession and how my dad had to lay off 40 employees shoot, i learn something
new everyday

Plus you can't have a little filipino get together without food heres what we had
filipino cuisine made from scratch. Moms/Dads cooking, Yes my dad cooks too

Chillin and sippin on some red wine!


Its up and running Black/white layout :), i still don't
have a name for it, it will come sooner or later haha


Just because i'd go crazy for any girl who can sing and plus i've been mad hooked on this song lately. Sharie Miradora you've done this song some justice , thank you

Earl the Pearl


FML said...

Ryans sleeping, earl came back with 3 straight posts. GG duke of earl

lou said...

Earl, you got this song on repeat at your house AND mine.. (y)

ahevia said...


LOM said...


daletron said...

damn boy!
is that the bike?

re-definedope said...

thanks folks, but don't just show love for me show love for both of us... because we both put hard work and we discuss things over before we post so its a 2 man job over here and dale.... yeah thats the set up bro, you like?

re-definedope said...

-earl mendez

adrian said...

I have that exact same ls sticker and sc one too. ur bike looks like mine but 10x nicer haha