Thursday, March 12, 2009

good eats veggie spring rolls..

OMG these are amazing...
now i'm not gonna say this is the best nam place in vancouver cause i'm sure everyone's got their own "spot" but this is officially my new love. the first second the crispy crunchy veggie filled spring roll touched my tongue... that was it. and for 6.50 it's not hard on the wallet. i hit this place up yesterday with our bromie jolin who recommended it in the first place. after my meal i told the waitress "it was delicious and i'd be back again for sure!" so when she saw me again today she smiled hahahaha. it was dope she remembered my order and gave us an orange( that means we're special)

so go visit this gem asap. just off-a west 4th on burrard 

in other news weather is AMAZING if you aren't riding your bike or walking to work wtf is wrong with your legs. drink it in folks before old man winter shows his fugly face again.
nice view :)

you probably have this and i've had it for ages but recently this is on replay in my mind.
back in the day

peace love you an eye tea why rye one


niggerbaby said...

this post makes me so hungry :@:@:@:@:@:@:@

how does this compare to pho at surrey central rye?

L said...

WHOA, that pho place looks pretty high class compared to other restaurants. IT LOOKS DELICIOUS. I MUST GO!!!! =D