Tuesday, March 3, 2009

day 1.5 of being vegetarian

to be honest it's not so bad so far. i don't miss meats as much as i thought.
this is what i ate:
for breakfast i ate oatmeal with brown sugar and cranberries. ( this was so good i'll be having it again tomorrow)
for lunch i had pasta salad spinach, asparagus, peppers with a delicious lemon garlic olive oiil dressing.
for dinner jolin cooked up some veg burgers
we were super curious as to how they'd rank against real burgers and restaurant veg burgers. i gotta say they're not something to go crazy over
but at the same time they weren't horrible either they were just like burgers.
thanks for the grub homie
they sure do look delicious though don't they. these three meals were supplimented by 1) bag of candy 2) liquids water juice etc.. 3) a midnight snack of yogurt and oatmeal cookies. mmmmmm

all in all if being vegetarian is this good then i don't see any problem with being vegetarian. but it doesn't help when you come home and your mom has a blt waiting for you. full of bacon....

more updates later on stay tuned


NesNesY'all said...

I guess you're just lucky you like vegetables.. Haha, I've had a few friends and a sister that tried being one also and it completely back fired because all she ate was chips and junk and fried eggs. All the time. Haha!

rye said...


LOU said...

i like the breakfast idea, i'm gonna add that to my list ;)

FML said...

try flax seed oil, its hella packed with nutrients and it isn't half bad with salads.

I'm craving spaghetti and meatballs though, sorry rye.

Skitch Clothing said...

+1 for the flax seed oil!

As far as the veg burgers go, you got to try the Amy's Texas Burgers (you can pick them up at IGA for sure) they are by far the best veggie burger on the market hands down.

Good job dude, keep it up!