Sunday, March 1, 2009

don't sleep

Most of you might've seen it on hypebeast, but Vans & New York skate brand "Supreme" will be releasing their spring/summer 09 line; with a combination of the classic styles: the "era" and "halfcab". A release date hasn't been set yet but the black and white ones has my money set!.

Speaking of streetwear heres a little love to vancouvers own and re-define dope's friends

Added a little something something for
Jeff Hamada and BOOOOOOOM

Duke of Earl


Jolin said...

dude, you need to re read your writing on those vans. those are the supreme x vans drop.. also pretty much the worst collab with vans and supreme yet, they are mad slacking.. although cool idea with that vintage style speckles ..

re-definedope said...

My bad it was 3 am haha, but you really think so ?, i don't think that bad haha.

Jolin said...
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lou said...

what jolin said.