Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FIREWORKS BACK ON...and i told ya so.

if your head was up your ass for the last month and a half i'll clue you in fireworks were called off because they were short 400 000 dollars. an anonymous sponsor stepped up and donated the remaining 400 000 to get the event rolling. it comes as no surprise to me that fireworks are back on. frankly i knew this would happen it happens every year and you know what?! I'M ON TO YOU! but i'll stop before i sound like some crazy conspiracist.

but to you mr or mrs anonymous (not the weird one that keeps commenting on here) the one thats sponsoring the hsbc celebration of light this post is for you!

PS. i don't know if anyone has figured it out yet but i also write for: 
pretty cool gig. i mean if you look at the other writers i share the company of... i dunno. i'm kinda a big deal hahahaha jp jp!! definitely check that site out though i love it. 



andrea ross said...

vancouver is awesome, pretty cool post


its vancouver based too

Robin said...

yo man! Fireworks are baaack! Sick!
That donator is fucking crazy!

Happy for you and "Vancouver Is Awesome"

Re-define dope is going places, seriously man. I give you guys my support