Monday, March 16, 2009

sometimes it's monday..

this is going to be a BIG week!!! mostly all because of this
it can not be avoided. i'm maaaaad hungry for this jam.. people better come prepared.

and in other news dale has once again gone over board on the spending and is selling his worldly possessions
so he's doing this again.
send helps oh mai gash!!!  

btw i don't know if you watched the video from the previous post but it is friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggin hilarious! and if you felt stupid to check if it were a real website . let me tell you it is a very real wwebsite and in fact a very real business

enjoy your week 
rye0ne still cooler then some gay site run by three goofs


Jolin said...

dale, do not sell your mowabb's.. you'll regret it.

lou said...

dale your feet are too small :(

Anonymous said...

keep promoting our jam yo! its not only for arthur but its for the whole scene doin what we do best with no competition BS.......well it aint really BS just you knooooooow

Anonymous said...

and guess whos coming to rep for FELONIOUS SAVAGES.

yes the one and only JBUGZ
if that doesnt make you wanna go i dont know what the fuck will hahaha

Dean said...

YEEEEAAAAH Just for kicks! i'm really excited for that jam. no competition BS and a lot of it IS BS. see you all there.