Sunday, March 15, 2009


lately i've been in mad presence with this culture we call hiphop, I'm just reviving from the last bboy battle Ground zero big ups to my boys "Simple As That" who made it to semi's but unfortunately lost against now or never, but now i present you... a dope 16 minute documentary about one of the notable legends BIG DADDY KANE! a quintessential figure of the Golden Era of hip hop. In this documentary BDK explains his years growing up in New York, his life in the rap game and his influence on fashion and his lyrical superiority. Don't Sleep, a must see!

Ps:Sur Fresh Alot from retro kids and BDK's freestyle ... is tight!!!

Just in case you didn't know who retro kids were

Earl the Pearl


Jolin said...

retro kids can fucking suck it.

re-definedope said...

hahaha i agree