Sunday, December 28, 2008


keepin my blog hand strong! it's hard writing for a two man blog by yourself.. earl get on that laptop already!!!!
anyway i just wanna give shouts to my hommie tom and the skitch crew.

skitch is a vancouver based clothing company with a emphasis on fixed gear bike culture and riding.  someday i'm gonna be a good enough rider that i'll be sponsored by them too hahaha. but yea they got some pretty iLL riders heck the guy who partly owns and operates the company tom is a dope rider.
 Ten Ten Blog Pic Colour Adjustment
you might recognize that guy. because thats TEN 10 TENNN!! of japanda crew. back when i started bboying this was one of THE top style heads to look up to in vancouver. but since he injured his back he can't do any bboying. so he has to focus his energies in a different direction can you tell... hahah
anyways skitch is coming out with a new line of shirts probably way doper then the last batch and the last batch was TIGHT!
skitch is repping vancouver and canada hard. this is what i like to see more local based clothing companies and designers making their mark


Skitch Clothing said...

I think we need a logo up in your friends section on this site there ryeone. Refresh, The Best!

re-definedope said...

sorry tom i knew something was missing.