Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yo, SORRY TO any daily viewers, people who occasionally view, people who think about re-define, or people who should start reading re-define. Rye one and I haven't been up to date with blogging were both focusing on our upcoming Jam "FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" and considering we both work and i forgot my laptop the last two days, we haven't had the time but in all honesty theres no excuses.

Rye came into Lids the other day and we were talking about our game plan with re-definedope and we wanted to do something a bit different. Basically our gameplan was to bring you guys a blog that you can follow up on too and possibly do your own. Our topic was "The Top 10 things you need when your going out"... (sorry ryan i think top 5 was pretty hard) this blog has to include photos so start taking out your digital cameras/ SLR'S/ camera phones ... whatever you take pictures with do it up!. This shall be fun .

Earl the Pearls top 10 things
(choices are linked with pictures)
1. Stussy Messenger Bag
2. My Lg Rumour
3. A Bottle of water
4. My Secret book of moves
5. Headphones&Mp3
6. My Crocodile Leather Wallet
7. In all honesty Vans is a must
8. Another must is Something to cover my head, (Choosing in the morning is hard)
9. Specifically My lids/house Keys chilling on my left pocket
10. and finally last but not least something to read like the 24, or my favorite Color Magazine!

Nothing Special

"now i ask you whats your top 10 essentials?"


VanessaB said...

And I shall reply to your blog Earl. In just a few minutes. I'll holler. Haha.

camille said...

haha i like your blog :) i wanna do this!