Friday, December 12, 2008

I’m on the sky train, typing this blog out on Microsoft works, because I’m on a blogging frenzy at the moment. Its crunch time now two more weeks until fight before Christmas, its all déjà vu for me because its exactly what happened last year . Hopefully after fight, I won’t drop out of the scene like I did last year and just wasted my time doing shit all. In all honesty all I need is just a little support a little kick a little reminder how much this whole culture means to me. I think holding it down in the Philippines is a good way to really step up and rep to a whole different perspective. I can’t wait to rep Surrey in those cyphers. When I come back I’m gonna be hella refreshed, determined and just plain hungry. For example Rick mango Capistrano(been around vancouvers bboy scene for a while) went down I think last year and I told him what was it like coming back here and he told me his creative juices and moves were much solid and he had way more confidence. Hearing that kind of feedback really strives me to just get the fuck out of B.C… and just rep hard in the Philippines.
Anyway those were my sky train thoughts for today.

Earl the Pearl bringing it to you from a sky train on the way to work , Peace


BBoyAddicted said...

if u get the chance to rep, TAKE IT. i didnt get a chance to rep cuz my parents were dragging me everywhere... fuck i really gotta get more money and try travelling alone next time.

Dean said...

one of the best things you can do for your dancing is travel and check out other scenes. it'll give you a different take on things and it's just good to meet new people. keep involved in the scene man. you and others like you are the ones who are going to keep vancouver's scene alive.