Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rye1's 10 winter essentials

like earl said we've both been caught in a crapstorm of work and practise and other random happenings.
we definitely want you to keep checking everyday for whats dope. this is just one of our schemes.

here are my 10 winter essentials (earl you really made me think outside of the box bro. you know my stuffs minimalist..) in no specific order:
1)some phone.. i dunno nokia something all that matters is it's got this as the ring tone.
2)my camera. if you take blogging at all seriously then you CANNOT EVER! leave your house without your camera. a little blogging 101 for ya.
3)toque or winter head gear. you can't be goin outside in weather like this without something on your noggin wether you're burglering some guys house or waiting at the bus stop. by the way my mommy from that past post also happened to make me that brown beige and white joint. she badass and she crochet!
4)my ryepod keeps me warm on those chilly nights walking home.
5)pen and note pad. over the past 2 years it's become a habit of mine to never leave home without a pen and notepad for two reasons.. one, this things jammed full of lists cause i'm a hella forgetful guy. and two, you never know when you might come up with some crazy inspirations. like 5 essentials you never leave your house without, or some maaaaaad bus stop poetry sessions.
6)gloves my mom didn't raise no fool. but yo not just any old gloves THESE gloves. people might call me out on these for looking like a homeless person or just plain stupid. but i love these things. at the flick of a switch you got mittens for keepin them digits warm and then back to cut offs for dexterity for taking photos and what not.
7)keys "we be to rap what key be to lock"
8)gum. cause you never know when some crazy cute girls gonna pop into your life and suddenly you gotta be like "whats your sign whats your number?!" hahahaha wishful thinking sigh.
9)apple juice. self proclaimed juice freak(thats not my photo i didn't have any apple juice that actually had apple juice.)
10) now i wish i could say my bike buuuuut... me plus skidding in snow plus riding to work = death. so my baby will have to sit this one out, instead i'll say my new jacket!( technically it's not new). warning this is not a vegan safe photo. i think?

click on the pictures if you wanna see them bigger.

so we did it now we wanna see your 10 winter essentials..

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Denise Isabelle said...

I think this post/idea is "dope"! Haha. Mine will be up shortly :)